Ranck’s Lunchmeats has provided Chestnut Hill with quality meats and cheese for 35 years. Jim Ranck, owner, opened in the Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market on the 8200 block of Germantown Avenue in 1983. His father, Glenn Ranck, started Ranck’s Lunchmeats in 1957 at the Germantown Farmer’s Market on the 5900 block of Germantown Avenue across from Germantown High School. In addition to Chestnut Hill and Germantown, Ranck’s has had a presence in several farmer’s markets in the Philadelphia area including Olney, Downingtown, Cowtown, Elmer’s Farmer’s Market, and Columbus Boulevard Farmer’s Market.
Below are photos (past and present) of Ranck’s Lunchmeat counter at MARKET at the Fareway.  To celebrate there will be a main event/kick off on April 7th with cake, samples, 35 cent hot dogs, raffles & more! The celebration will continue for the remainder of the month with other food specials.