Known as Philadelphia’s Garden District and named “one of the top seven urban enclaves in the country” by, Chestnut Hill is one of the greenest and most vibrant communities in the country.

The neighborhood features a diverse array of housing – combining rental apartments and moderate to high-end real estate – within a community that is known for its distinctive historypublic parks, a beloved Philadelphia museum, and a world-renown arboretum. The vibrant shopping district forms the heart of the walkable neighborhood and offers a green-conscious lifestyle in which residents can “keep it on the hill” to keep their carbon footprint small by shopping local at the many unique and independent Philadelphia businesses.  Many area restaurants and bakeries support local farmers and many of the shops are proud to offer Philadelphia-made goods.

With nearby local high schools and Chestnut Hill College, the neighborhood is filled with highly-ranked educational options.  Add to that its easily accessible transportation options (including the SEPTA Chestnut Hill East Line and Chestnut Hill West Line), a walkability score of 91 out of 100, a bucolic setting of tree-lined streets with the old world charm of it’s historic architecture and it’s easy to understand why Chestnut Hill has become a  model for city planners across the country.

The future of Chestnut Hill promises conscientious growth, green innovation and creative opportunity.  Recently, four LEED Platinum certified town homes were built by the George Woodward Company within the region. Additionally, the non-profit Morris Arboretum created a permanent outdoor exhibition called the  Tree Adventure. This exhibition highlights the critical role trees play in our environment while creating an engaging family-friendly activity.  Woodmere Art Museum tells the story of Philadelphia’s art and artists through a broad range of exhibitions, music events, classes, lectures and programs, rounding up the offerings that combine to create an unparalleled quality of life for residents of the Hill.


Where do WE fit in? 

The Chestnut Hill Business District (CHBD) is dedicated to supporting the area’s businesses through economic development, retail attraction, and promoting the neighborhood as an attractive destination to live, work and visit. As a membership organization, the Chestnut Hill Business District serves as the official marketing arm for the destination and their membership base. You can Meet the Staff here.  With almost 200 retailers, restaurants, professional and sustaining members, the CHBD is devoted to helping Chestnut Hill become the Philadelphia region’s top boutique shopping and dining destination, serving the local neighborhood and attracting national visitors with a variety of high-quality businesses, meticulously-maintained historic downtown, a lush Garden District, and world-class customer amenities.

As a bustling and dynamic region, the Chestnut Hill Business District oversees community events, maintains the ambiance and safety of the retail corridor, acts as a liaison between members and government representatives and works on many initiatives to keep our neighborhood beautiful and sustainable.

Thinking of opening a business in Chestnut Hill?  You can review helpful links for businesses HERE

Contact the Chestnut Hill Business Association or visit our MEMBERS page to learn more about the resources we offer and how you can be a part of our community.