Chestnut Hill provides plenty of customer parking. Six well-maintained and convenient parking lots with more than 250 spaces are available.

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Parking Lots 2014

There are six parking lots:

  • Yellow Lot  on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Bank of America)
  • Blue Lot on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Wells Fargo Bank)
  • Green Lot  on East Highland Avenue (behind Hirshorn Co.)
  • Orange  Lot  8300 Germantown Avenue (Next to PNC Bank)
  • Turquoise Lot  on West Highland Avenue (next to Valley Green Bank)
  •  Purple Lot  on 8600 Germantown Avenue (behind Citizens Bank)  entrance on Hilltop Road via Rex Avenue
  • These lots are administered by the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation. For more information, email

Paying For Parking

The Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation offers four convenient ways to pay for parking in Chestnut Hill:

  • Parking Kiosks: Found in each of the six lots, kiosks accept coins, bills, and swipeable credit/debit cards.  Kiosks print tickets, which must be placed on the dashboard of vehicles to verify payment.
  • Parking Tokens: Select businesses provide parking tokens to their customers as a courtesy.  Tokens must be used like coins in the kiosks, with each one good for 30 minutes of parking, and do not work in street meters.
  • Monthly Parking Permits: For customers in need of unlimited long-term parking, monthly permits may be purchased from the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation office at 8514 Germantown Avenue. $150.00 per month
  • ParkMobile: The ParkMobile payment app allows customers to pay for and manage their parking sessions entirely on their Smartphones.  Convenient features include reminders when sessions are about to expire and the ability to remotely extend or curtail a parking session.  Both the main Parkmobile app and the PPA’s MeterUp app can be used to pay for lot and street parking in Chestnut Hill.

To learn more about ParkMobile, view the one-page Info Sheet and view the video below: