Chestnut Hill provides plenty of customer parking. Six well-maintained and convenient parking lots with kiosks are available.

Parking arrow right.                                         Parking Sign Graphic

Parking Lots 2014

There are six parking lots:

  • Yellow Lot  on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Bank of America)
  • Blue Lot on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Wells Fargo Bank)
  • Green Lot  on East Highland Avenue (behind Hirshorn Co.)
  • Orange  Lot  8300 Germantown Avenue (Next to PNC Bank)
  • Turquoise Lot  on West Highland Avenue (next to Valley Green Bank)
  •  Purple Lot  on 8600 Germantown Avenue (behind Citizens Bank)  entrance on Hilltop Road via Rex Avenue
  • These lots are administered by the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation. For more information, email

Watch this video to see how parking is done in Chestnut Hill