Tasco Art Salon

Standing in her business, Tasco Art Salon, at 8113 Germantown Avenue, Robin Tasco fondly recalls being a teenager driving up and down Germantown Avenue to visit shops or the bank in Chestnut Hill, growing up in Germantown. Today, she is a small business owner in what she termed this “magnificent” community.

Tasco Art Salon is as unique as Robin is herself, filled not only with African Art but with vintage furniture repurposed and decorated with love. In every corner, one can spot a different and unique treasure. Robin, a master electrician, uses her skills as a tradesperson in everything she does in her business and credits the theory of magnetism in electricity with informing the work she does in creating vision boards and leading Vision Board Workshops. During these workshops, participants learn to center themselves, lean into what they are naturally drawn to, and manifest what they wish for their future. Robin’s own board currently holds a single vision, “Robin writes a book,” a visualization she is bringing to reality as she finishes her book, “Can You See Me Now.”

As you enter the warm, inviting space, you are first greeted by a decorative wooden sign with the phrase “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The walls are decorated with African celebration masks, some elaborately carved wood, from various tribes throughout Central Africa. Robin shares that she is attracted to pieces by their energy and remarks that if her attention repeatedly goes to a particular piece, she discovers the piece is from Cameroon, the tribe of her roots. She loves sharing the history and magic of the work that graces her walls and lines her shelves, some of which at first glance may feel intimidating but after Robin kindly shares her knowledge, you quickly learn are symbols of positivity, celebration, pride, and hope. Also nestled amongst the painted furniture are whimsical fiber art giraffes and brightly colored woven market baskets.

Robin shares that customers’ favorite items tend to be the furniture and the masks, but there is also a growing interest in her events. In addition to the aforementioned Vision Board Workshop, Tasco Art Salon also offers High Tea events, Coffee and Art sessions, and DIY Craft Workshops. Her most unique set of classes is also one of her most popular, a DIY Electrician Class that empowers people to accomplish simple but sometimes daunting tasks, such as changing out a light switch, replacing a receptacle, and adding a pendant light. She aims to teach the students not to be intimidated by electricity and move from panel box to device to show them how to master projects themselves.

When asked about the favorite pieces she’s created currently in the shop, Robin points out the Dr. Seuss desk for kids, an antique telephone chair, and a petite antique secretary that could fit in almost any space.

Visit the Tasco Art Salon at 8113 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill.