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A Metamorphosis at Musehouse….
Effective January 1, 2015, you won’t find us at 7924 Germantown Avenue, but Musehouse is not gone! It
remains an inspirational source for all genres of writers. We will hibernate for the winter to emerge stronger than ever in the

Spring of 2015.

We will continue to offer:

  • Informative and educational classes and workshops in many different genres …

  • Poetry and prose readings by locally and nationally known writers …

  • Visiting authors, book signings, discussions, panels, open mic nights, and …

  • Exciting special events …

at different venues throughout the Greater Philadelphia area!

Musehouse has transformed into a moveable feast:

the craft of writing made more accessible to those beyond one small geographic location.

Not being anchored to one place gives us the freedom to bring the literary arts to Chestnut Hill and beyond, through the many different neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

We invite you to find us on the web and send us your email address, so you can stay tuned in 2015 for more inspired programming offered by Musehouse, beginning next Spring.

Calling all Poets, and Prose Writers:
Do you have a book being released from an established press in the upcoming year? (No self-published authors, please). We are currently creating our calendar of readings& book signings for 2015. Once per month we will feature two writers on a double bill. We provide the opportunity for you to read to a warm and enthusiastic audience and to sell and sign your books. If you would like to be considered for a book reading for the 2015 calendar year, please contact Kathy a.s.a.p. at