It’s Member Monday, and today we are exploring the magical world of Foliage and Yolanda Palmer, who brought her dream of owning a plant shop to life. When you walk in the door of Foliage, you feel as if you are transported into a jungle. Plants hang from the ceiling, the air is calm, and there is no noise aside from the gentle hum of a humidifier in the corner. It truly feels like an oasis.

What truly makes Foliage so extraordinary, however, is Yolanda herself. When she was just ten years old, she dreamed of opening her plant shop, and she worked hard to make that dream a reality. She is dedicated to her plants, and her knowledge of botany is beyond expansive. Her focus for Foliage is to help people pick out their perfect plants and learn how to take care of them. Each customer who walks through the door receives personalized attention. Yolanda aims to introduce customers to new varieties of their favorite plant species. 

Along with her knowledge of plant species, she teaches customers about plant maintenance, repotting, and conservation. Yolanda, who is very warm and inviting, welcomes visitors to ask questions about their plants so that they can thrive. Her store environment focuses on making customers feel at ease, peaceful, and relaxed. 

In the mix, Yolanda also offers an assortment of goods from local artists and small businesses, including a black-owned coffee business, handmade jewelry, and botanical paintings. Yolanda notes she is grateful for her spot, the beautiful corner spot on Germantown Avenue and East Hartwell Ln. The location has original artworks from local Artist Marie-Colette along the molding, and the hand-painted vines mix with the plants to create an organic and encompassing forest. 

Foliage is a must-hit spot on Hill if you haven’t been yet. It feels like a whimsical escape from the world. It is lush, rich, and full of fresh air and has quickly become a gem on the avenue, all thanks to Yolanda’s passion.