Ke-Sook Lee
“Ode to Sprouts”
(“For sometimes, I have been looking out through the hole from my window to see the world”)
Hand-embroidered thread, tarlatan, fabric, acrylic, and mulberry paper
17.5″ x 24″
Sprout Garden Toil
Drawing is pure,
A trace of honest heart
Which poured out of passion with spontaneity from our soul.
Exploring mark making devises from everyday life
Drawing opens boundary of art making,
Burnt marks, wrinkled surface
Spilled spots, worn holes, mended marks
Hanging thread, tangled thread, dancing thread
Stitch by stitch sprouted life
Woman’s dream shadow
Fragile weight, crumble down, getting up, walking,
Growing again
My dream
Recycled vintage household linen holds trace of
Past generation of women’s mundane life experience.
Adopting endless shapes and forms from life
Recognizing women’s dream space.
Holding my inheritance and thread in one hand
Reaching out to contemporary drawing with the other hand,
My work continues freeing itself
From boundary of art making
Cultivating to find
My identity and feminine aesthetics.
by Ke-Sook Lee
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