Family Fun at Morris Arboretum this Summer

There is so much to discover at Morris Arboretum this summer!

Ready for the next level of scavenger hunt? Artist Reed Bmore from Baltimore, Maryland has installed his wire sculptures in trees around the Arboretum. He has carefully placed four wire sculptures high in the treetops to encourage explorers to look more closely than they ever have up into the trees above. While searching for these almost camouflaged pieces the goal is not only to find the intricate pieces of wire art, but also to observe the complexity of shapes, colors and patterns hidden in the trees every time you peer into their canopies. Good luck on your journey through the treetops!  A pdf map is available at The sculptures are on display until November 22, 2021.

Be sure to stop in at the Fairy Woods next to the Loop de Loop Sculpture Garden. This summer, families of tiny fairies have moved in to the Arboretum, and need your help to build them a place to sleep! Visitors can pick up natural materials at the Gnome Depot to create their own enchanted fairy houses. Fairies like shelter from the elements and somewhere soft to sit— everything else is up to you!  Check for details.

The beloved Garden Railway opens on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, May 29, and is open daily through October 11. Model trains zip around an outdoor quarter mile track over bridges and through tunnels. The tracks are surrounded by perfectly sized plantings and miniature replicas of Wonders of the World. You can see the Eiffel Tower, Hagia Sophia, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Wall of China and more…without even leaving Chestnut Hill!

The permanent Out on a Limb exhibit continues to amaze visitors with its canopy walk that is 50 feet up in the treetops, but requires no climbing. Kids can scamper onto the hammock-like netting like a squirrel would, and look down from high above. Or venture into the enormous Birds Nest to ‘hatch’ the oversized eggs.

If you’re looking for the ultimate hide-and-seek there is Patrick Dougherty’s Loop de Loop maze in the Sculpture Garden, a 15-foot-high labyrinth made entirely of woven sticks.

Beauty surrounds you at Morris Arboretum, a safe and fun place to spend time in nature and discover something new with every visit. Advance tickets are required. Reserve early.

Morris Arboretum is one of more than 35 Philadelphia gardens in America’s Garden Capital. This 92-acre horticultural display garden features a spectacular collection of mature trees in a beautiful and colorful landscape.  The Morris Arboretum, which is part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Division of Business Services, offers educational programs for many audiences ranging from youth to professional and is a leader in botanical and horticultural research.  The official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Morris Arboretum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and accredited by the American Association of Museums.  For more information, visit:

Photo Caption: Visit Morris Arboretum fun and exploration this summer. Artist Reed Bmore has installed four of his wire sculptures in the trees around the Morris Arboretum. Scavenger hunt clues will lead visitors to look up see if they can find the sculptures. The ever-popular Garden Railway exhibit opens on Saturday, May 29. Advance tickets required.