Winter Walks and Talks with FOW Trail Ambassadors

Enjoy winter in the park with Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) Trail Ambassadors, who are offering free hikes and lectures at Cedars House in Wissahickon Valley Park during the month of February.

Trail Ambassador Talks

 Trail Ambassador Talks are held at The Cedars House on Sundays. They are open to the public at no charge. These programs are suitable for children ten and older accompanied by a responsible adult. No reservations are necessary but are advised so that you may be informed if there are changes to the program. Talks are cancelled in the event of hazardous transportation due to snow or ice. The Cedars House is located on Forbidden Drive near Northwestern Avenue in Wissahickon Valley Park. Visit for updates.


Sarah West

February 9                 2 pm

Roads and Roadhouses in the Wissahickon. A 45 minute presentation by Sarah West.

About Friends of the Wissahickon


The Friends of the Wissahickon, founded in 1924 and celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year, is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Wissahickon Valley. FOW works in partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to restore historical structures throughout the park, eliminate invasive plant species, monitor watershed management issues, and restore trails throughout the Wissahickon Valley Park with its Sustainable Trails Initiative. For more information or to become a member, visit