January 6: Play it Forward – Saturday night @ Chestnut Hill Brewing Company 6pm-9pm

Live Music with Play It Forward

Date – 01/06/2024
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Chestnut Hill Brewing Company

Dave and Anne-Marie bring together incredible talent and dynamic personalities!

This dynamic music group has an eclectic set list of rock, pop, folk, Celtic, blues, and much more from the 60’s through today.

They are charismatic and take their cues from the crowd.

With Dave Cohen on guitar and lead vocals and Anne-Marie Forde on flute, guitar, and back-up vocals, you are sure to have fun enjoying live music outside under our amazing heaters that are so warm you’ll want to take off your coat!

The event is moved inside if it’s windy or there’s precipitation.

Instagram: @playitforwardmusic2