Pamela E. Becker and Jan Morgen


“A picture made in a single moment? No, it is built up piece-by-piece,  just like a house. And the spectator—is his looking done in a single moment? ”  Paul Klee


27th March – 15th May 2024


Receptions in Coordination with Art and Eats

Opening reception: April 5th 2024 5-8pm Artist Talk:  Jan Morgen 6:30pm

Reception: May 3rd 2024 5-8pm Artist Talks Jan Morgen and Pamela E. Becker 6:30pm


Continuum highlights the work of two Philadelphia area female artists, painter Jan Morgen and fiber artist Pamela E. Becker. This exhibition is included in (re)FOCUS 2024, a Philadelphia citywide program that celebrates women artists. The festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of Philadelphia Focuses on Women in the Visual Arts/1974.  refocus2024.org


Gravers Lane Gallery brings Pamela and Jan in dialogue with each other about their process focused artistic practices, spanning decades. Both artists explore materials with a keen awareness of detail; Morgen layering pigment with mark making and Becker coiling embroidery thread into large scale vessels. Their time consuming processes invite healing and contemplative states of being: stitch by stitch; row by row; layer, mark, scrape, paint, repeat. Patterns, symbols and color play off each other in this serene pairing of painting and basketry.