Chestnut Hill Institutional Leaders Group Joint Statement: Racial Equity Is The Only Path

The Chestnut Hill Business Association is proud to be a signatory to the  Chestnut Hill Institutional Leaders Group Joint Statement: “Racial Equity Is The Only Path.” As our commercial district reopens to the public, the Chestnut Hill Business Association celebrates the increasing diversity of our small business community, which we will support through deliberate recruitment, inclusive marketing, and cultivation of representative leadership on our board of directors.   We take pride in being a welcoming destination that all can enjoy safely.

Click HERE for a list of Chestnut Hill Black-owned businesses you can support.


A message from the Chestnut Hill Institutional Leaders

Once again, we find ourselves grieving the unjust loss of life and acts of violence against Black Americans in our country. As a group of community-based organizations that work together and collaborate on a regular basis, we unequivocally condemn violence, standing in solidarity with other communities and with every person who rejects hatred, racism, bigotry, intimidation, and social division.

As leaders of various Chestnut Hill institutions, we want to make it known:

  • We believe that Black Lives Matter
  • We maintain that peaceful protest and informed discourse are foundations of American democracy
  • We believe that racism creates inequity and inequality in economic and educational opportunity, housing, health care, and environmental security
  • We pledge to work toward the elimination of racism and the social inequities, by working together collectively, and being proactive in our individual activities, as never before in order to create a more just, inclusive, and peaceful society
  • We commit to awareness, growth and action through self-examination, recognition and dismantling of power imbalances where they exist, and institutional accountability within our organizations