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Dona Dalton
“Daydreamer” – 7″H x 4″ x 3″
“Nightdreamer” – 7″H x 4″ x 3″
“Upstanding Fox” – 11″H x 6″ x 3″
Carved pine and poplar, enamel house paints, metallic paints, and powders.
Dona Dalton
“Nile Cat”
Carved pine and poplar, enamel house paints, metallic paints, and powders.
 11″H x 26″ x 8″
Dona Dalton
“Reynard de’Lune”
Carved pine and poplar, enamel house paints, metallic paints, and powders.
 6″H x 28″ x 3″
“I create things inspired from a love of animals and spirituality about the beauty and
complexity in the world around us.”
“I’m aware of how magical it is to get lost in imagination and play and since narrative is something I love, my intention is to imply there is a special interaction
and relationship going on.”
-Dona Dalton-
Dona Dalton has ben making toys since the mid 70’s. At first they were simple and meant for children, but Dalton was always interested in animals and in telling a story. Fairy tales, classical literature, and even Egyptian cosmology serve as inspiration for her whimsical and playful characters.
Her process is fairly direct. Dalton cuts and carves wood on a bandsaw, then uses a sander and rotary tools for further refinement, followed by lots of hand sanding. Paint is then applied, most often latex enamel, acrylic, metallic paints and powders, and occasionally metallic leaf.
Dalton is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) where she majored in sculpture. She's been a participant of the Philadelphia Craft Shows, the American Craft Council Shows, and has shown extensively throughout the country. Her popular seasonal exhibit will on display at Gravers Lane Gallery through December.
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