Dear Chestnut Hill Champions,

This year, let’s fortify the heart of our community! The Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA) and Chestnut Hill Local newspaper are the pulse of our vibrant neighborhood, and we need YOU to keep them beating strong.


Empower Local Journalism: Chestnut Hill Local keeps us connected, informed, and engaged. Your support ensures quality reporting and storytelling that reflects the spirit of our community.

Strengthen Community Initiatives: CHCA works tirelessly to enhance our neighborhood through events, advocacy, and service. Your donation directly fuels initiatives that make Chestnut Hill thrive.


Make a Secure Donation Here  Or mail your check to 8434 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia PA 19118.

Spread the Word! Share our cause with friends, family, and neighbors—let’s create a ripple effect of support. Together, we can shape the future of Chestnut Hill.

Thank you for being the heartbeat of Chestnut Hill! #bettertogether

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