FREE Goal Setting Workshop on Wednesday,
January 10th at 6:00 P.M.
The workshop FREE as well as the Decades HipFit class afterwards. How?
Sign up for the Bet on Yourself Challenge.
Attendees will be entered in a raffle for a free spot for themselves or a guest for Lil’Jon Night on Friday, January 12th!
Sign up here!
What is the Bet on Yourself Challenge?
$50 buys your spot. You select 1-2 goals across four categories (CREATIVITY, CONNECTING WITH OTHERS, ACTIVITY, CONSISTENCY) and you have four weeks to meet those goals.
How does it work?
The challenge starts on Friday 1/12 and goes until 2/9. Fridays end our week and by Saturday, send a picture of your challenge met to 8:00 a.m. by Saturday morning and you stay in the competition.
Enter Challenge Here
What’s in it for you?
When you complete the challenge the $50 you paid goes onto your account. If for some reason you don’t finish, your buy in gets divided among the remaining participants.
Can’t Make it on the 10th?
You can join online!
–and of that doesn’t work you cam join the challenge by purchasing, completing the planning form, and sharing your goals with the group.
Buy into the Challenge
Offer your feedback in our end of year survey. Three simple questions– what should we START, STOP and CONTINUE in 2024? Use form or email responses to
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