8026 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19118


The portal to the Multiverse was opened by Gralin Hughes, Jr, and Sara Zia Ebrahimi Hughes in the spring of 2023. Gralin has a Master of Arts in Exhibition Planning and Design from the University of the Arts and brings a background in industrial design, photography, videography, and education. When not at Multiverse, he is an instructor at Arcadia University in the Communications Department. Sara Zia Ebrahimi has worked for over two decades in the nonprofit sector, focusing on administration, operations, finance, and fundraising. When not at Multiverse, she works as the Chief Operations Officer at BlackStar, a nonprofit that uplifts the work of Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists.

But most importantly: both are huge fans of comics, science fiction, fantasy, and horror (speculative fiction). Growing up as young Black and Brown young folks in the 80s and 90s, there were few spaces for either to feel welcomed and engage in fandom without the added layers of race and gender intersecting with the experiences. Multiverse has been a dream–many years in the making–to create a space that welcomes all¬†fans and connects artists with audiences to help them thrive.


Multiverse celebrates fans of speculative fiction–comic books, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We offer a curated collection of books, comics, toys, games, clothing, and other items.


  • You respect and celebrate all levels of fandom. Share in the love. For example, instead of saying, “You’ve never heard of XYZ?!” try welcoming someone to become a fan of XYZ by sharing what you love about it.

  • You respect and celebrate each other. We’re not gonna list all the isms here, but the bottom line is in the Multiverse, we welcome all bodies, genders, abilities, and love. When harm is caused, we talk about it and are accountable.¬†

  • You support small businesses. This means helping us keep the store clean, picking up trash, handling books gently, and letting us know when something accidentally happens to damage them, understanding that if you intentionally take an item without paying, you are hurting our ability to create a welcoming fan space.


Tuesday-Saturday 10AM 5PM
Sunday-Monday CLOSED