8405 Germantown Avenue
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Gravers Lane Gallery is a Contemporary Studio Craft Gallery, exhibiting a collective of work that explores the intersection of artistic innovation and time-honored craftsmanship. We represent a distinguished group of craft and design artists making work which merges material-led processes and contemporary concepts.

Our commitment to featuring both established and emerging artists ensures a dynamic and ever-evolving collection of curated work. We celebrate innovation and conceptual depth where the boundaries between craft and fine art are pushed and blurred. Gravers Lane Gallery serves as a haven for those who appreciate the integrity and beauty of the handmade. From conceptual art to meticulously designed functional wares, we believe in the importance of work forged by the human hand.

GLG is located in the historic Chestnut Hill district of Philadelphia and was established in 2011. GLG expanded into a second location in 2021, GLG@1213 Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia.

In 2012 long-time Philadelphia gallerist Bruce Hoffman was named Artistic Director of Gravers Lane Gallery. Bruce is joined by three talented additional gallery staff members including Chloë Le Pichon, Assistant Artistic Director; Kate Crankshaw, Associate Artistic Director; and Joseph Miceli, Associate Artistic Director.

Gravers Lane Gallery operates as a “Centerprise” of The Goldenberg Group, exemplifying creative enterprises that contribute to the health and vitality of Philadelphia communities. Under the leadership of Ken Goldenberg, The Goldenberg Group’s mission is to create transformative change through active involvement in communities and meaningful partnerships, thanks to its three primary activities: Thoughtful Development, People Helping People Foundation, and Goldenberg Centerprises (

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Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 AM 5:00 PM

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