There are many reasons why Chestnut Hill is the perfect place to open your business.

  • Easy access by SEPTA Chestnut Hill West and Chestnut Hill East regional rail lines
  • Affluent trade area of over 614,000 of the most desirable consumers; latest census named 19118
    ‘most attractive’ market
  • Beautiful tree-lined streets and old-world charm.
  • More than 250 shops, galleries and restaurants offering unparalleled selection and service
  • Lively, walkable Downtown Business District; considered Philadelphia’s best pedestrian experience


“Sunday was great!  In all the years Chestnut Hill has had this festival, we’ve never gotten so much business down here and seen such a consistent flow of people going up and down the hill to Willow Grove Avenue.”–Katie Morina, Baker Street Bread Company


“Great day yesterday.  We had terrific traffic and wrote a lot of quotes for furniture”–Roy Dollar and John Simpson, Summer Classics Chestnut Hill


“I had a blast and loved being there and my space.  Can’t wait for the next opportunity to have a table at a Chestnut Hill event.”–Matt Rosenberger, Mark Makers

“Nice crowd today.  The quality of shopper was noticeably better this year, and we sold more than we have in recent years.” —Bruce Hoffman, Gravers Lane Gallery

“As a first time participant in The Home & Garden Festival, I found that the event drew many people onto the Avenue, giving them exposure to our vibrant mix of businesses.  We had many families participate in our activity and in turn experienced one of our strongest Sundays in terms of sales and foot traffic.”    —Nerice Kendter, Busy Bee Toys

 “For the record I am pleased to be the beneficiary of the Business Association’s effort to have a dedicated person responsible for filling vacancies on the street.  The Retail Recruiter did a very professional job helping me find a perfect tenant for my first floor office space – a single lawyer!  It is specially rewarding to sense a return on the investment of the real-estate tax assessment and shows, in this case at least, this is a good program to benefit the community.  I also want to emphasize that she was very good at coordinating visits and communications.  The task of filling vacancies seems overwhelming now and we do need to do whatever we can proactively to find tenants.  The old retail model is struggling but it makes for a sense of community which we need to cultivate again.  Thanks to your program and to the Retail Recruiter.”Randy Williams, Chestnut Hill Property Owner

“As the Hill Company prepares for the Grand Opening of our new store on May 15, 2019, I want to take this time to acknowledge the tremendous help given to us by the Chestnut Hill Business Association.  I want especially to thank the Retail Recruiter, who without her help, this move probably would not have happened.  She was instrumental in helping me identify the appropriate space within Chestnut Hill that would meet our growth requirements.  She then assisted in the negotiations to bring this business transfer to a successful conclusion. Further, she provided understanding of the administrative details regarding permits and occupancy for our new building.  In short, she was there for us every step of the way.  I want you to know how much I appreciate the efforts of everyone at the business association.  Peggy, Kate and Cache do a tremendous job every day to make Chestnut Hill a great place to do business.”Linda Moran, Hill Company

“I am writing today on behalf of the membership of the VFW Post 5205, located at 8217 Germantown Ave for the past 7 decades.  We wanted to collectively offer our gratitude in recognition for the exemplary work that the Chestnut Hill Business Association conducted on our behalf and that of the community.  the Retail Recruiter was integral in proactively seeking commercial tenants for our spaces that would cohesively work within the confines of our zoning as well as compliment other businesses in the area.  Due in large part to her efforts and the support of the CHBA office, the VFW has a greater capacity to further our own mission of supporting veterans and building the community from within.  It can be difficult to find people who will serve a mission with passion.  This was unmistakably apparent from our time spent with her and Cache.  Their professionalism, positivity, and kindness made the whole experience our pleasure.  Keep up the great work!” John P. Brooks, CMDR VFW Post 5205

“My experience with the retail recruitment program based out of the BID for Chestnut Hill far exceeded my expectations.  I currently own and operate a boutique in both Avalon and Doylestown.  The Retail Recruiter had approached us at our Doylestown location with her sights set on our becoming part of the Chestnut Hill business community.  We were hesitant to respond to her request to visit Chestnut Hill and see the available commercial real estate.  AT the time she had approached us, we did not have any intention of opening a third location.  She asked for us to come meet her in Chestnut Hill to talk-nothing more than that.  After meeting her for lunch I understood the benefits of doing business in Chestnut Hill besides the apparent aesthetically pleasing landscape of the town.  She showed us two prime locations available in the 8500 block.  Over the course of the holiday season I visited Chestnut Hill on several occasions to see the foot traffic and what a typical business day was like on weekdays and weekends. From the enthusiasm the Retail Recruiter had to my own personal experience visiting the town, my interest grew more and more and I knew I wanted to open my next location in Chestnut Hill.  She did an excellent job helping each side understand the benefits of the collaboration of the great location and the type of business model we have.  The persistent excitement the Retail Recruiter had for our small advancements in negotiating were just what we needed to seal the deal.  After three months of going back and forth between the property owner and the Retail Recruiter we made the final decision to lease the property at 8506 Germantown Avenue. Since opening in 2015, we know we made the right decision.  Our store has been well received and the community all around has been really great to work with!”

Nicole Beltz, Owner, The Shops of Serendipity at Chestnut Hill

“The best design award recognizes well designed business signs. This year’s recipient is Breakfast Boutique.  When a dinner spot on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill closed it opened a new opportunity for property owner Sanjiv Jain. Feeling that there were not enough breakfast opportunities in the neighborhood, he wanted to feature a breakfast restaurant.  After sampling the food served by the Breakfast Boutique at one of their other two locations in West Oak Lane and North Philadelphia, Jain was able to attract owners Desiree and Robert Pollard to open a third location on Germantown Avenue.  The Retail Recruiter, Director of Business Development at Chestnut Hill and an interior designer, wore two hats on this project.  She played up the “Boutique” theme and designed a welcoming storefront with striped awning, benches and planters.  But it was her creative sign that really wowed the jury.  It uses two real cast iron frying pans and 3D eggs. The Retail Recruiter designed the sign and Bob Shaw of Signs of Doylestown built it.  It is truly the most talked about sign in Chestnut Hill!”

Robin Kohles, AIA,Program Manager Community Design Collaborative 

“Thank you very much for a wonderful Fall for the Arts Festival!  It was phenomenal – well-organized and extremely smooth. We were very well received and made some great connections.  Thanks for all of your time assistance, and dedication. Looking forward to the next event.”

Christine Benedum, Benedum Law

“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the diligence and tenacity of Chestnut Hill’s Retail Recruiter.  She brought me a qualified tenant before my current tenant actually vacated.  I was able to execute a lease within a week of Isabelle Sparrow’s departure, affording me very little lapse in rental income.  This is the second time she was able to fill a vacancy for me.  The first time she produced two qualified tenants an gave me her recommendation for the space and why, and this time around, she vetted the tenant by procuring several recommendation for the space and why, and this time around, she vetted the tenant by procuring several recommendations from current successful business owners she recruited; Nicole Beltz of Serendipity, Robert Layman of Artistic Eyewear, and Jack and Heather Dugan of Escape Room Doylestown.  I have confidence in the Retail Recruiter’s abilities.  She is a real go-getter, a professional salesperson, and an asset to the Business Improvement District organization. Susie O’Neill  Chestnut Hill Property Owner

“‘Unveiled’ was an innovative, brilliant idea and Jon, Liz and I were glad to be a part of it and share in the palpable excitement of the brides and their I DO CREW.  We loved meeting the people and exposing them to our store and to all Chestnut Hill has to offer.  Every single bride loved our Giveaway. It felt great watching them linger over the Finchberry soaps and soap dishes before deciding on one.” Carolyn Bjornson, Bjorn and Co.

“I am the manager of the Real Estate for the Chestnut Hill Community Fund.  We take care of the Town Hall.  I recently had a vacancy coming up at the Green Design store within our building.  I reached out to the Retail Recruiter for help and she was great.  She had two or three prospective tenants in and looking right away.  She was creative with their ideas and she was a key player in implementing and explaining the pros and cons of all the inventory available to these prospective tenants.  We signed the lease rapidly and I had no empty space….She is a valuable asset to all the landlords in the immediate community”Andrew Glendinning, Chestnut Hill Property Owner

“Opening DanceFit Chestnut Hill was the highlight of my year, not only because of it being an exciting new venture, but because of the community it was in.  Chestnut Hill has the close-knit, supportive feel of a small town but the resources of the greater city.  Between the Retail Recruiter and Phil smiling with their shiny gold scissors and ribbon at my Grand Opening, the Chestnut Hill Local writing an awesome introduction piece on us, and the many new clients as excited for our arrival as we were, I immediately felt welcome in the community and would encourage other entrepreneurs to consider Chestnut Hill as the home for their new business.”Bria Wilkerson, DanceFit CH

“On a rainy spring night in May 2016, I stumbled upon 8133 and called Bowman Properties to meet with the Retail Recruiter.  She had showed me the space, and as we all know, over the summer we created CURE, but what happened in between was a roller coaster ride of sorts.   She talked me off the ledge more than once.  I jest, however, as a new business owner there are lessons to b learned along the way, and no one receives that manual. She is that living manual.  She reached out to me before I signed the lease to meet up and give some suggestions at the BuShe even took the time to attend when my father and I sat down with Matt to go over the lease, and everything else involved.  She prepped me to be prepared with my presentation, and to say the least it was thorough, I even brought my business plan I submitted to the bank.  Fast forward to the soft opening September 1 and the Grand Opening on October 1.  She made sure she attended both.  She also made sure to announce it through the Business Association, as I also joined. She also made sure I was aware of the festivals, and made suggestions to set up a table, etc.  If ever I have a question, I can text her and she gets right back to me, if not immediately.  Honestly, I cannot speak enough about the Retail Recruiter.  Her style, vibe, professionalism, realism, and from the heart spirit has made opening my first boutique spa in Chestnut Hill a great experience.  Without her I feel this new venture would not have happened in such a smooth manor. She cares about Chestnut Hill and the businesses, from a business owner’s perspective, that’s awesome.  Chestnut Hill Business Association is truly lucky to have such a gem of a person, and so are we.”Chrissy Dress, Cure de Repos

“I want to acknowledge the Retail Recruiter as having made a real difference in the recent placement of Starr Osorne with Tailored Transitions into 8528 Germantown Avenue.  I was actually going down a different path with another tenant for this space.  IN conversation with her, I was able to see the reasons to accept- less rent and yet go with this tenant.  She then stayed in communication with both of us to make sure the deal actually happened through the lease signing.  Even when at two times (lawyers)it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, she kept both of us focused on the finish line.  I would not have made this decision and not have had this tenant in this space if it wasn’t for the diligent work of the Retail Recruiter.  Thanks for the support and encouragement of her to do this challenging job.”Sanjiv Jain, Chestnut Hill Property Owner

“We are so excited to be expanding our business onto “The Hill”.  The Retail Recruiter was a very enthusiastic and helpful recruiter, working, working through all kinds of issues with several possible landlords.  She worked very hard for us and I feel very lucky she works here.  Without her, we might have ended up downtown and my heart is truly in Chestnut Hill.  I look forward to opening!Starr Osborne, Tailored Home

“We are finally getting settled in our new space and staring to work out our own kind – what a wonderful town to be in – you know how much I have come to love it in Chestnut Hill – and this is truly because of the Retail Recruiter – She started it all- I can’t begin to thank her enough for all that she has done to help us become part of your community – Chestnut Hill Hotel has been great to us – our new neighbors have been wonderful – and I have a personal love of the Co-op – It is easy to see why you have so much enthusiasm when you show us newbies around …. You were spot on with our location!!  I want you to know that I have not experienced this sort of welcoming and coaching in any of the other set-ups for any of the 18 Sara Campbell stores except for working with Heidi Tirjan in Bryn Mawr, which was through your introduction….”Peter Wheeler,President/Owner sara campbell, ltd 

“After being in the restaurant business for over 30 years, and a Wyndmoor Pennyslvania resident, I went on a search in the Chestnut Hill area to locate a possible restaurant location.  Contacting the Retail Recruiter from the Chestnut Hill marketing group I was able to be shown numerous locations within the Chestnut Hill area that had many possibilities.  We went through numerous sites and she was informative and extremely helpful in the search.  I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a property in the Chestnut Hill area.  She was professional, informed, and went out of her way to show as many properties as anyone would want to see.”David Jansen, Jansen

“I just wanted to write you a quick note saying how pleased I was working with the Retail Recruiter in finding a retail location for the Duke Barbershop at 7946 Germantown Avenue.  I had met her a few times and let her know of the tenants that I work with who would be interested in Chestnut Hill and when she heard of this location she immediately thought of us and introduced me to Bob Elfant.  The Retail Recruiter program are a huge asset to Chestnut Hill and I hope to continue my relationship with the program and to continue to bring tenants to you.”  Christian Van Horn< Associate Broker, Retail Division Cushman and Wakefield

“I am writing to you today to compliment Chestnut Hill’s Retail Recruiter, for introducing Nicole Beltz, the inspiring and energetic owner of Serendipity Shops, to our space at 8506 Germantown Avenue.  It seems the combination of her vision and Nicole’s marketing sense resulted in our leasing the entire 4500 square foot space to Serendipity by May 2015.  I would recommend the Retail Recruiter to her Chestnut Hill landlords motivated to fill their vacancies with up and coming retailers.”Kim Crossett Neumann, Chestnut Hill Property Owner

“While deliberating whether to sign a lease agreement with another retailer, I had a call from the Retail Recruiter from the Chestnut Hill Business District.  My discussion with her was certainly pleasant and enlightening.  Being well aware of the other operation, she spoke highly of them.  At the same time, she also mentioned that the Hill Company’s history and reputation in Chestnut Hill and the Delaware Valley was an illustrious one much like Diane Bryman Oriental Rug Shoppe, she convinced me of the importance of having the Hill Company to continue operating in Chestnut Hill, as it has over the last fifty plus years, doing business with people both near and far.  I am proud to know that they have made Diane Bryman Oriental Rug Shoppe’s former showroom their new home.  I would like to thank the Chestnut Hill Business District for having the Retail Recruiter, an enthusiastic, dedicated professional, on board.  Her efforts through the retail recruitment program proved to be a vital component of this process.    After making the initial contact, and through later inquiries, she was able to successfully secure a prospect for the leasing agreement.  I would like to take this opportunity to endorse the retail recruitment program of the Chestnut Hill Business District and the efforts of the Retail Recruiter.”Edmund Assisi, Chestnut Hill Property Owner

“I concur completely with my friend Edmund’s assessment of the Retail Recruiter, whose enthusiasm and dedication are impressive – and infections – to Chestnut Hill’s property owners and prospective tenants alike….we at Bowman have had the same terrific experience.  In fact, we feel that we are very fortunate to have the entire CHBA team working at their high level of professionalism…Edmund’s email should be forwarded to all of the property owners in the BID.  Constantly reminding our funders that their money is well spent is critically important…”Richard Snowden, Bowman Properties


Unlike most urban areas, Chestnut Hill provides plenty of customer parking.

There are six parking lots:

  • Yellow Lot  on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Bank of America)
  • Navy Lot on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Wells Fargo Bank)
  • Green Lot  on East Highland Avenue (behind Hirshorn Co.)
  • Orange Lot  at 8300 Germantown Avenue (next to PNC Bank)
  • Turquoise Lot  on West Highland Avenue (next to Valley Green Bank)
  • Lavender Lot  on 8600 Germantown Avenue (behind Citizens Bank)  entrance on Hilltop Road via Rex Avenue

Great Demographics

  • Chestnut Hill’s trade area comprises nearly 615,000 residents in almost 245,000 households.
  • average household income for the trade area is $102.000, exceeding the U.S. average household income by more than $25,000
  • 46.9% of households earn $75,000 and above, compared with just 33.3% for the U.S. as a whole.