There are many reasons why Chestnut Hill is the perfect place to open your business.

  • Easy access by SEPTA Chestnut Hill West and Chestnut Hill East regional rail lines
  • Affluent trade area of over 614,000 of the most desirable consumers; latest census named 19118
    ‘most attractive’ market
  • Beautiful tree-lined streets and old-world charm.
  • More than 250 shops, galleries and restaurants offering unparalleled selection and service
  • Lively, walkable Downtown Business District; considered Philadelphia’s best pedestrian experience

Success Stories

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John Smith Company

Ample Parking

Unlike most urban areas, Chestnut Hill provides plenty of customer parking.

There are six parking lots:

  • Yellow Lot  on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Bank of America)
  • Navy Lot on East Evergreen Avenue (behind Wells Fargo Bank)
  • Green Lot  on East Highland Avenue (behind Hirshorn Co.)
  • Orange Lot  at 8300 Germantown Avenue (next to PNC Bank)
  • Turquoise Lot  on West Highland Avenue (next to Valley Green Bank)
  • Lavender Lot  on 8600 Germantown Avenue (behind Citizens Bank)  entrance on Hilltop Road via Rex Avenue

Great Demographics

  • Chestnut Hill’s trade area comprises nearly 615,000 residents in almost 245,000 households.
  • average household income for the trade area is $96,978, exceeding the U.S. average household income by more than $25,000
  • 46.9% of households earn $75,000 and above, compared with just 33.3% for the U.S. as a whole.

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