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Check out this new article about GLG and Jewelry

Jessica Hughes: Give us an overview of the gallery and the type of work that you exhibit, please. Gravers Lane Gallery : We focus on contemporary studio craft with a distinct focus on jewelry and textile and fiber art. Guided by a highly experienced team, we proudly represent artists working across various mediums, featuring individuals trained in multidisciplinary fields such as glass, ceramics, wood, painting, and works on paper, alongside those exploring nonconventional, experimental processes and materials…

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Curated by Night Shift Studio

Serious Fun is an exhibition of works by contemporary jewelers who apply their expert craftsmanship to playful designs, creating work that both honors the deep history of craft and celebrates contemporary whimsy and creativity. This exhibition is centered around artists who devote their precious time, hard-learned skills, and fine materials to creating works that surprise and delight audiences with their forms, subject matter, or ingenious mechanisms.



Last Chance To See!

MAY 23rd – JULY 15th 2024

Moving Tides: Honoring Animals and Jewelry Ethics

Visit Seth Michael Carlson’s first solo exhibition of jewelry at GLG, “MASS MIGRATIONS” and support ethically and sustainably sourced hand crafted jewelry.

MASS MIGRATIONS is an art jewelry exhibit that strives to capture the character of the fauna and flora that Seth encounters in the natural world –a celebration of its beauty. It is important to him that each piece is handcrafted using ethically sourced gold, silver, and gemstones. He sees every piece as a celebration of the natural world and believes that the materials he chooses should reflect the value of life that he seeks to convey. Read more…

Installation view of Mass Migrations On view until July 15
Installation view of Mass Migrations On view until July 15
Installation view of Mass Migrations On view until July 15
Installation view of Mass Migrations On view until July 15
Rattlesnake Earrings, Hand Fabricated with 18k yellow, green, and red gold $2180.00
Rattlesnake Bracelet, Hand fabricated with 18k gold, sterling silver and garnets, $6000.00
Giraffe Cuff, Hand fabricated with 18k yellow, and red gold, $13, 925.00
Honeycomb Bracelet, Hand fabricated with 18k yellow gold, $6150.00
Leaf Insect Brooch/ Pendant, Hand fabricated with 18k yellow gold, white diamonds $6600.00
Pangolin Earrings, Hand Fabricated with 18k yellow, beryl, $1925.00
The Bachelor, Laced Into Myth

Don’t miss Sasha’s first solo exhibition at GLG, MYTHOS. Sasha is a fiber artist who uses intricate traditional weaving and lace making processes in combination with source imagery from reality television. This body of work puts the mathematically complex and ancient craft of bobbin lace weaving into a relevant contemporary context. Love in the age of reality TV; an anthropological look at our culture’s myths, unraveling with the pull of a thread. Read more…

Cassie Under Pattern, 40” x 21”, Digitally woven cotton, silk, natural dye, digital still from “The Bachelor” Season 23, $2800
The Martyr (Here for the Right Reasons), 38″x38″ Filet lace, fishing net, cotton thread, Screenshot from “The Bachelor” (Season 22) 2019, $1300
Artist News
Mary Bero

Congratulations to Mary Bero for winning the Forward Art Prize, a Fund founded in 2017 to honor women-identifying artists working in Dane County who “show exceptional creativity in their work and compelling prospects for the future.”

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RED WALLFLOWER, Mixed Fiber Media, 14″ x 10”

NEW Andrea Haffner Earrings
Petal Earrings – Translucent Amber, each .65” x 2.25” x .2”, bougainvillea stems, kelp pods, resin, pigment, sterling silver, $175.00
Round Earrings – Opaque Red, each .8” x 2” x .2”, segmented seaweed, resin, pigment, sterling silver, $175.00
Petal Earrings – Opaque Grey/Amber, each .65” x 2.25” x .2”, statice stems, resin, pigment, sterling silver, $175.00
Petal Earrings – Translucent Teal Green, each .65” x 2.25” x .2”, peppergrass seeds, mustard seeds, resin, pigment, sterling silver, $175.00
Round Earrings – Semi-Opaque Deep Navy, each .8” x 2” x .2”, feathered sea star parts, mustard seeds, resin, pigment, sterling silver, $175.00
Petal Earrings – Opaque Black, each .65” x 2.25” x .2”, cow parsnip seeds, peppergrass pod, resin, pigment, sterling silver, $175.00
Kenny Pieper goblets & vases
White Cane Bowl, 14.5” x 4”, Blown glass, $1,325.00
Black Cane Goblets, Assorted shapes, Black & Gold blown glass, $375.00 each
Opal Goblets, Assorted shapes, Opalescent, Black, & Gold blown glass, $340.00 each
White Cane Goblets, White cane, set of 2, blown glass, $750.00
Ocean Diva Sage, 28” x 7.5”, Blown glass $2,200.00
Blue Narcissus Diva, 21” x 7.5”, Blown glass, $1,225.00

GLG Trip to Comcast Center with

NoName Gallery and CHBA

Thank you to Jonene Lee from No Name Gallery for coordinating an interesting art tour at the Comcast Technology Center! Kate & Chloë from GLG had a great time exploring the amazing art pieces on display throughout the building, along with many others from Chestnut Hill businesses!


August 1st – September 20th

Fiber Reimagined II

Juried exhibition; Fiber Art Now

Chestnut Hill & Center City

September 1st – October 15th

Serious Fun, Group Jewelry Exhibition

Guest Curators: Ellyse Bendillo & Kate Dannenberg from

Night Shift Studios

Chestnut Hill

October 3rd – November 20th

Jing Huang, Ceramics

Chestnut Hill

October 24th – December 20th

The Luminous Forest

Lanny Bergner, Fibers

Center City

November 29th 2024 – January 9th 2025

Bite Size I Small Works Straight from the Studio

Invitational exhibition, works across all mediums

Chestnut Hill

November 29th 2024 – January 9th 2025

Brilliance I Covetable Gifts for the Season

Chestnut Hill

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Tuesdays-Saturdays 11am – 5pm

By Appointment Sundays

Bruce Hoffman

Executive Artistic Director


Chloë Le Pichon

Assistant Artistic Director


Kate Crankshaw

Associate Artistic Director


Joseph Miceli

Associate Artistic Director


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