Morris Arboretum – The Summer Cure-All for “There’s Nothing To Do”

The summer season brings long days spent outdoors, backyard barbeques, cicadas chirping, and downtime with the family.  As blissful as this sounds, engaging children with fun learning experiences while keeping costs down can be challenging at best.  Consider Morris Arboretum’s 92-acre garden as the cure-all for children’s common summer complaint, “there’s nothing to do.”  With annual family membership options starting at $110, it’s time to check out the Arboretum’s summer “plenty to-do list”.

  • Garden Railway – The Garden Railway display features model trains running on 15 rail lines through a miniature world of historic buildings,

waterfalls, tunnels and trestles, constructed entirely from natural materials.

  • Out On a Limb – This permanent structure, 50 feet up in the treetops, contains an oversized birds nest complete with pterodactyl sized eggs;

two squirrel scrambles (similar to huge hammocks made of rope); and a spectacular view of both near and far foliage.

  • Scavenger Hunt –Unscramble the clues to find 10, eight-inch dragonflies hidden throughout the garden.
  • Secret Places – Look for hidden spots throughout the Arboretum, such as the Grotto, the little-known path that runs underneath the Mercury


  • Space to run – The Azalea Meadow and English Garden are both more than an acre large–plenty of area to run, jump, play tag….
  • Hills to roll down – Getting dirty and dizzy are two of kids favorite things to do.
  • Paved paths – Strollers push easily along the surfaced path with no bumps or debris to navigate.
  • Food – The Compton Café, a three-star certified green restaurant is open June-August, Monday–         Sunday, 10am-2:30pm and

Wednesdays until 7:30pm.

The Arboretum is open Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm weekdays and 10am-5pm, weekends. This year, the garden opens at 8am on Saturdays and Sundays through September. To maximize summer fun, the Arboretum is open on Wednesday evenings until 8pm during June, July and August. Pack a picnic dinner or purchase your meal from the café and watch your children play among the fireflies as the sun sets. Summer living truly is simple, now that you know what’s happening in the garden.

For more information about Morris Arboretum, contact 215-247-5777 or online at

Photo Credit #1 – boy with tiger – Denise Raus

Photo Credit #2 – girl running – Rusty Kennedy