Spring Home + Garden Festival 2023 – Vendor Information

Spring is here. Chestnut Hill blossoms into an outdoor garden marketplace as more than 200 home + garden vendors, artisans, and craftsmen line Germantown Avenue Chestnut Hill’s spring Home + Garden Festival.

On Sunday, May 7, from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, watch the streets and stores of Chestnut Hill bloom with festivities, gorgeous garden displays, and exciting activities as visitors explore everything this urban village has to offer. Guests can expect live music and delicious food from Chestnut Hill’s top restaurants while kids enjoy games, arts, and crafts throughout this free, family-friendly event.

If you are interested in vending, performing, or exhibiting at the event, please fill out the application below or download one to submit for consideration. If you are already an approved vendor or exhibitor, please click HERE to find event graphics, marketing collateral, and event day-of information.

Downloads are available for small businesses (HERE), corporate companies (HERE), and food vendors HERE). If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email coneill@chestnuthillpa.com or click HERE.

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Vendor Application and Contract - Home and Garden 2023

This is the Home and Garden Festival 2023 Application and Exhibit Space Contract. The Festival is scheduled for Sunday, May 7, 2023. This application for exhibit space at the Home and Garden Festival will become a contract upon written acceptance, based upon terms set forth by rules and the guidelines established for exhibitors. The rain date is Sunday, May 21, and the application deadline is Tuesday, April 4.
Exhibit Space Rental Information (please check your choice below)(Required)
Fill this out to reserve a 10’ x 10’ space on Germantown Avenue. Space rentals do not include a tent. If you DO NOT see an option for your business, are a food vendor, or would like to be a sponsor for the event, please email coneill@chestnuthillpa.net so we can better accommodate your needs. Includes 10’ x 10’ exhibit space only. No display materials are included. As an exhibitor, you are responsible for all display materials, tents, tables, etc. Signage with your business name is highly recommended. We will provide a sign and an electrical outlet if ordered below.
Location request(s) - Please check your choice below.
Booths will be assigned when the CHBA receives full payment for exhibit space and the jurying committee has accepted the exhibiting organization. The CHBA will endeavor to fulfill your preferences. The CHBA retains the right to place booths based on the competitive separation of exhibits and the comfort and safety of the attendees. Requests are not guaranteed. If you prefer, though, please don’t hesitate to write it.
Please order the following extras for my booth
Signs are 4' x 1'. Business names are written in black font with a white background (no logos or images are included). The business name used is precisely as written on this form (business name). Electric is available only for specific low-usage purposes such as credit card machine operation. Vendors requiring electricity will be placed in those areas of the festival where electricity can be provided.
Payment arrangements(Required)
Please make check payable to Chestnut Hill Business Association and mail the signed contract to: Chestnut Hill Business Association, 8514 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Please write a description of products to be displayed or offered for sale below. Only home and garden-related, home and garden-themed home décor, environmental, or renovation products or services will be accepted for inclusion in the festival. Please enclose photographs representative of the products you will be exhibiting or offering for sale. An Instagram, Facebook, or website is acceptable for product review either alone or in addition to images.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 5.
    Agreement - Please check the box below to agree to the terms and conditions(Required)
    I have completely read and understand the Rules and Regulations outlined in this package. Upon EXHIBITOR's signature and the CHESTNUT HILL HOME AND GARDEN FESTIVAL's approval, this completed form will be a binding license agreement between the EXHIBITOR and the CHESTNUT HILL HOME AND GARDEN FESTIVAL. Payment for the CHBA is with this application. Upon acceptance, this will ensure that I have one booth at the CHESTNUT HILL HOME AND GARDEN FESTIVAL on Sunday, May 7, 2023 (rain date Sunday, May 21, 2023). Checks will be returned if the application is not accepted.

    Exhibit Restrictions
    Exhibits must conform to the size of the space allocated to the exhibitor and must not obstruct the view or interfere with other exhibits. No exhibits should be more than 9 feet in height and may only be that high in the rear, 3 feet from the booth. All demonstrations, discussions, or other activities (such as the distribution of descriptive literature of any kind) must be confined to the exhibitor’s own booth. No exhibitor shall assign, share or sub-license the whole or any part of the assigned booth space without the written approval of the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival. Displays should not be arranged or placed in such a manner as to interfere with or be objectionable to other exhibitors. The exhibitor must-have merchandise and personnel in their booth for the entire period the Home and Garden Festival is open. The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival reserves the right to make decisions involving the mix and placement of exhibiting companies regarding booth assignments.
    License Agreement
    Upon acceptance and approval by the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival of your signed application form, and accompanied by payment for the full amount, this application and the rules contained herein shall constitute a binding license agreement for the right to use space at the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival. Applications for such space must be made on an official form and received by the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival accompanied by check for the full amount.
    Protection of Property
    No damage shall be done, nor shall anything be pasted on, tacked, nailed, or screwed to the canopy booth, the street, curb, sidewalks, permanent signage, trees, or other outdoor streetscape materials located along Germantown Avenue in the exhibit area. Exhibitors violating this regulation are expressly bound, at their expense, to repair any such damage that they, their agents, or employees may cause.
    The exhibitor agrees to assume all liability for and to indemnify the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival and the CHBA from and against any and all claims, with loss of life, personal injury, and/or property damage arising from or out of the installation, set-up, operation, dismantling and/or removal of the exhibit, if caused in whole or in part by the act or omission of the exhibitor, its agents, contractors, or employees. Exhibitor hereby releases the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival and the CHBA of any liability whatsoever.
    Lost or Stolen Property
    The exhibitor agrees to assume all responsibility for exhibit items or materials brought to Germantown Avenue for the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival. The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival and the CHBA shall not be responsible for theft or loss of property. At no time should items be left unattended.
    Regulation Enforcement
    The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival shall have the full power to interpret and enforce all the regulations contained herein and shall have the power to make such amendments and further regulations as shall be considered necessary for the proper conduct of the Garden Festival. Such decisions shall be binding upon all exhibitors. Failure by exhibitors to comply with these or any other regulations or amendments thereto shall be sufficient cause for the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival to require immediate removal of such exhibit and/or the offending exhibitor.
    Exhibit Hours
    All exhibits must be operational by 11:00 AM, Sunday, May 7, 2023, and remain open until 5:00 pm that evening. All exhibit booths must be staffed during operational hours. No vendor vehicles will be admitted to exhibiting areas after 10:00 AM.
    Refund Policy
    A 50% refund to exhibitors will be granted upon written notification to the CHBA received by April 7, 2023. No refunds are given for cancellations within one month of the festival date. Vendors may only sell or give their space to another vendor with written and express permission from the Chestnut Hill Business Association. All cancellations must be received in writing, and "no-shows" without communication will impact future acceptance. We do not do credits for future events except for a rain date. If a fire, acts of god, strikes, or other uncontrollable circumstances force the postponement or cancellation of Chestnut Hill's Home and Garden Festival-in that case, the Chestnut Hill Business Association shall have no liability or obligation to make any refund. However, the CHBA shall make every effort to refund such a portion of the exhibit fees not spent or encumbered.
    Sale of Food and Specifications for Give-A-Ways
    No exhibitor may sell any food product without the express written consent of the festival committee. Only pre-packaged sample sizes of 3 oz. liquid and 2 oz. solid may be given away from booth locations. This will be strictly enforced.
    Limited Relationship for Spring Festival Only
    It is understood and agreed by the parties hereto that this Agreement is intended solely as a license agreement, permitting the use by the exhibitor of the assigned booth area for the time and purposes stated herein, and this shall not be construed as creating nor is it intended to create any other relationship between the parties. This agreement shall be construed and interpreted according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.