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Reader’s Theater: Venus in Fur

Thomas, a beleaguered playwright/director,is desperate to find an actress to play Vanda,the female lead in his adaptation of the classic sadomasochistic tale Venus in Fur. Into his empty audition room walks a vulgar and equally desperate actress—oddly enough named Vanda. As the two work through the script, the lines between the play and reality begin to blur as the two enter into a game of submission and domination.

Tony nominated for Best Play. Winner of Tony award for Best Actress.

Venus In Furis a mysterious,funny, erotic play.”Ninety minutes of good kinky fun.”The New York Times.


“The teeter-totering test of wills that take place in Venus in Fur makes even the most fraught encounter between a domineering director and a sensitive performer seem like a play date in the sandbox.”

The New York Times

By David Ives
Directed by Barbara Mills

July 17, 18 @ 8pm

July 19@ 2 pm

The Cast