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Rothermel: US Senate 1850
U.S. Senate
Peter F. Rothermel. “The United States Senate, A.D. 1850.”
Philadelphia: John M. Butler and Alfred Long, 1855. 29 1/2 x 37 1/2 (platemarks) plus all margins. Engraving by R. Whitechurch. Minor wear on side of Clay’s face and the group of men directly behind him. Small expertly repaired tears in the faces of the men just in front of Clay. Otherwise, incredibly good condition for a large separately issued print. Strong strike and even impression.
A dramatic print of Rothermel’s painting featuring Henry Clay addressing the Senate. The event depicted here is Clay’s argument for the “Compromise of 1850” or the “California compromise,” to admit California into the Union as a free state in an attempt to prevent what became the American Civil War. Details of the Old Senate Chamber and the august members of the Senate, including Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun and Thomas Hart Benton, are sharp, down to the patterned carpet and draperies behind the president’s chair, where Vice President Millard Fillmore is seated. The faces are accurate because Rothermel used daguerreotypes of the major figures in his painting. This print’s crowded gallery, and the seriousness of expression in its subjects pay fitting tribute to Clay, the orator and statesman, as he made an historically important argument just two years before his death. One of the best American political prints of the nineteenth century.


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Rothermel: U.S.Senate A.D. 1850
Klinckowstrom: Ruins in Tennessee
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Ruins in Tennessee

“Ruiner efter en gammal fastning I Tenessee Staten.” [Ruins of an old enclosure in Tennessee]. From Axel Klinckowstrom’s Travels.Stockholm, 1824. 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 (neat lines plus margins). Lithograph. Excellent condition.

Baron Axel Leonhard Klinckowstrom was a Swedish aristocrat who spent the years 1818 to 1820 in America as a representative of his government. He wrote a fascinating book about his travels in America and published an atlas of maps and prints to accompany his Bref om de Forente Staternepublished in Stockholm in 1824.
The baron provided some original pictures of New York City that are considered original prints after his own paintings (ref. G. Deak’s
Picturing America, items 310 and 322). This fascinating and early map records how this Swedish explorer recorded what was believed to be an early American Indian site as well as being considered for an industrial site enhanced by strong flowing confluence of Duck River and Little Duck River in this age of water power. Now an historical site, it is believed to date to the Middle Woodlands culture of 80 to 500 A.D. The site is in Coffee County near the town of Manchester, Tennessee. $275
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