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Stay connected to the Arboretum while it is temporarily closed with Morris from Home. This week we have container planting inspiration, tips on how to identify common shrubs and trees, music that will help your plants grow and more.
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Learn about our Horticulturists’ favorite tools and learn how to use and care for them in our new weekly feature #ToolTuesday. Check tomorrow for the tool of the week!

Test your knowledge of plant and tree names and share them with your children with our weekly #ScavengerSaturday posts.

Morris Arboretum staff have put together this Youtube playlist of music that will encourage your plants to grow big and beautiful. Play it for them and the vibrations from the music will enhance their growth factors.

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Learn from Home

Learn from Home
Our Compton Horticulturist, Erin Conley, explains how she chooses plants and purchases them to design beautiful container plantings! Use her ideas in your next project in a container or garden.
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Executive Director, Bill Cullina identifies common landscape trees and shrubs that might be blooming now in your neighborhood. Learn more about Magnolias with this guide made by our interns.
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If you are in a position to make a donation of any size or purchase/renew a membership, please consider doing so online!

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Event UpdatesThe Arboretum remains closed and all events and in-person classes have been cancelled for the month of April. Also, the Celebration of Spring scheduled for May 17 is cancelled. Please stay tuned for information about rescheduling the Member Dividend Plant Distribution.

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