‘Bee’ Sure to Visit Morris Arboretum for Fun, New Programming

Advance Tickets Required for All Visitors


Morris Arboretum welcomes visitors back to the garden with exciting, learning inspired programming. Each month, from July-September a new theme will highlight a different aspect of the garden such as pollinators, history and shade. With enriching and fun activities as the core elements, programming experiences will include staffed events, self-directed adventures and print-at-home worksheets to bring to the Arboretum for discovery in the garden.

July is Celebrate Pollinators month.  In addition to the print-at-home activities available at morrisarb.org/learn there are three garden activities every day from 10am-1pm daily (weather permitting).

Pollinator Matching Game – above the Rose Garden

Guides will discuss how pollinators – ants, bats, bees, birds, or butterflies visit specific flowers and how plants evolved to attract different pollinators.  Then visitors have to guess which pollinator goes with which plant.

Be the Bee! –Holly Slope

Run up the hill, stand in the “pollen” pile on the flower’s anther, run over to another flower, jump on the stamen to leave your pollen behind, then run or roll back down the hill through the flower’s pollen tube.

Pollinator Impersonator – Azalea Meadow

With the help of a guide, learn how to move like your favorite pollinator. Then line up to race against your friends to reach the flowers at the end of your lane. Visitors choose one (or more) pollinators to impersonate and move along lines chalk painted on the grass toward the appropriate flower (e.g. float like a butterfly toward the coneflower).

Pollinator Passport – With information about pollinators and flowers printed at home, visitors can pretend to be a hungry pollinator searching for your favorite flower throughout the garden. Look for small signs by flowers showing the different pollinators they attract.

Pollinator Bingo – On the Arboretum website, download the Bingo cards and print them or play on your phone/tablet. See if you can find enough pollinators in the garden to fill your grid across, down or diagonally.

Additionally, this year’s garden wide scavenger hunt will run all summer long and will challenge visitors to find the LEGO® bees created especially for the Arboretum by the Colonial LEGO® Users Group placed throughout the garden. You can find the list of bees at www.morrisarb.org/learn.

Morris Arboretum is one of more than 30 Philadelphia gardens in America’s Garden Capital. This 92-acre horticultural display garden features a spectacular collection of mature trees in a beautiful and colorful landscape.  The Morris Arboretum offers educational programs for many audiences ranging from youth to professional, and is a leader in botanical and horticultural research.  The official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Morris Arboretum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and accredited by the American Association of Museums.  For more information, visit: www.morrisarb.org

Photo caption: The Goldenberg family enjoying one of Morris Arboretum’s new activities in the garden, Pollinator Impersonator where visitors choose a pollinator to imitate and race toward a flower to do their job. July is Celebrate Pollinators Month at Morris Arboretum with activities every day from 10am-1pm (weather permitting). Advance tickets required for all visitors. Morrisarb.org/tickets