Tailored Home

Happy Member Monday! Today we are featuring the beautiful Tailored Home (located at 8528 Germantown Avenue) and the fantastic mother-and-daughter duo Starr and Rosemary Osborne, who make interior design look effortless. Not only do they offer interior design services, but they also have a retail store. From bedding to tabletop, their incredible assortment and effective merchandising create a curated, comfortable, and aspirational aesthetic. 

The business started as Tailored Transitions, a full-service staging company that also helped people transition into new homes. The business began taking flight through word of mouth, and Starr soon realized she needed a design office. In 2016, when her current location became available, she seized the opportunity. With so much square footage, she introduced a retail element to her business model, and the store began to take on a life of its own. Additionally, Starr noticed that no place on the avenue offered registry services, prompting her to publish an interactive website where customers could shop and register for gifts. Starr notes there is a synergy between the business’s design and retail parts, which helps them build clients for life.

Rosemary, Starr’s eldest daughter, entered the business just as the pandemic began. With their doors closed for months, the two were worried that there would be a negative impact on their services. However, their business increased. With the stay-at-home order, more people were spending time in their homes and, as a result, wanted to redecorate. While the storefront was closed, Tailored Home kept busy with drop-off orders, consultations, and more. Their business continues to grow as people who work from Home seek to re-do their spaces.

With Rosemary’s entry into the family business, she brought her unique sense of style. They offer high-end, elegant pieces, but you can also find fun and unique finds with many bright colors. Starr and Rosemary’s buying styles complement each other, allowing them to offer their customers a strong line of products. Rosemary explains that she loves being part of the buying. The two have grown their bond as mother and daughter by working together and creating an extraordinary business. Starr says the design is exciting because it allows her to change people’s lives by helping them love their space. Their focus is to provide style guidance and products that are timeless. They want their products to have longevity and never go out of style.

Rosemary and Starr feel lucky to be a part of such a strong community. “Chestnut Hill is a very special place and few places in the world like it. It is a true village,” Starr says, “it is a healthy community with texture and authenticity.” Between Tailored Home and the continuation of Tailored Transitions, these two powerful women are a force of nature. Next time you’re on the avenue, be sure to stop into Tailored Home and find some inspiration for your space!

Visit the Tailored Home at 8528 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill.