Bonjour mes amis!
With the holiday season so near and people already starting to plan their thanksgiving dinners and making their way to be with far-away family members,  I thought I’d let you know about a couple gigs coming up in beautifully lit-up Chestnut Hill!  
Please mark your calendars and think about coming out to the Mermaid Inn and/or Paris Bistro Jazz Cafe on the following dates! 
***   FRIDAY November 30th   8:30 -11:30
Lucie and friends* (full band)
THE MERMAID INN    7673 Germantown Ave.  Phila, PA 19118
**  Catherine Tuttle, Richard Tuttle, Russ Joel, Allen James
***   SATURDAY December 8  &  SUNDAY December 9
Lucie and Beau Jazz**
PARIS BISTRO JAZZ CAFE     (downstairs room)
                                                                        Reservations recommended!
**  Walter Runge, Dave Renz, Richard Tuttle, Russ Joell
We are looking forward to playing these gigs and as always,  we love to play music and singing for you!   We hope to see you, as each and eveyone of you makes these music nights fun, joyful, sometimes even magical and for sure memorable for all!
See you and be happy!