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Discovering Chestnut Hill
Virtual Lecture
The Wissahickon Style of Landscaping
With Carol Franklin
November 18th at 7pm via Zoom
Explore the landscapes of Chestnut Hill and Mt Airy with nationally recognized landscape architect and lifetime Chestnut Hilland Mt. Airy resident, Carol Franklin, drawing from her book Metropolitan Paradise: The Struggle for Nature in the City, a history of the Wissahickon Valley co-authored with Chestnut Hill College Social History professor David Contosta.
This virtual slideshow will illustrate the critical interconnection between the structure and architecture of the communities in Northwest Philadelphia with the adjacent Wissahickon Park, exploring these ideas in the context of their development from the end of the era of the Lenni-Lenape to the present day. It will explore in detail the distinct patterns that emerge and create the genuinely “greene country” villages that make our communities so special. Franklin calls these patterns the “Wissahickon Style” because they grow out of an imaginative and very positive response to the great natural woods that comprise our local branch of Fairmount Park.
Carol Franklin, FASLA, RLA, is a nationally recognized landscape architect, one of the founders of the local firm Andropogon Associates—a pioneer in the field of ecological and sustainable design. Now retired, she was also a professor at the University of Pennsylvania for 30 years, chairman of the Chestnut Hill Tree and Landscape Committee, and winner of the Chestnut Hill Award in 1980.
Tickets are $10 for Conservancy members and $15 for non-members, and are available for purchase on our website.
‘Then and Now’ Activity
History at Home jigsaw puzzles!
In our History at Home Then and Now series of jigsaw puzzles, we pair two images, offering different levels of difficulty – Beginner and Expert. For this month’s Then and Now puzzles, we’re featuring images of Germantown Avenue on the corner of Gravers Lane.
The façade of the Gabriel men’s store at 8341 Germantown Avenue was dramatically altered in the early 1960s, as part of the “colonialization” program. Here in the “Expert” photo, is the “modernized” façade as it appeared in 1963. Note the use of cinderblock to seal off the windows, and the relocation of the front door.
In the “Beginner” photo, the alterations of the early 1960s have since been removed, and it is all but impossible to tell they ever occurred. Fortunately, the change in the façade’s appearance was reversible!
Click on images below to link to each puzzle!
Look for more Then and Now jigsaw puzzles in future editions of our History at Home emails. Enjoy!
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