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December 2020

Happy Holidays from GLG

Friends and Family of Gravers Lane Gallery,
Tumultuous, trying, tedious, tenacious, and tearful are hopefully words one would not normally use to describe or define a year. 2020 is already inscribed in the annals of history with “once-in-a-century” and “modern-day-plague”; euphemisms usually reserved for, well frankly what we’ve all endured: our year of all years. To those who lost love ones; we have no words – there are no words. To those who lost homes and jobs and life’s securities; we wish good health, new wealth, but mostly joy and peace. We will return to whatever the new norm can actually be as we look to the gods and goddesses to set us gently upon solid grounds, and balance. We’ve had too much YIN, it’s time for YANG.
Gravers Lane Gallery was built on the ideals of Main Street, a link in a chain of small businesses. We hope we’ve added a unique perspective by bringing Contemporary Art and Studio Crafts to Chestnut Hill. Through the many obstacles thrown our way, we continue to push ahead with optimism with exciting plans for the coming year. It is with your support that we’ve survived these darker days. As the usual festive, old-world holiday cheer has been pared back and some of the air has been let out of the season, we ask for your continued support of Gravers Lane Gallery and all the amazing stores and food venues in Chestnut Hill. We are available for private shopping times, virtual shopping support, and telephone and email sales consultations. Our SHOP link is up and running on our website with new exciting work being added daily.
It’s taken a team to navigate through dark waters, and although not always front and center (and sometimes by way of lively zoom discussion), we’ve built a good team. So, from our team at Gravers Lane Gallery – THANK YOU! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Bruce, Barbara, Bo-In, Ryan, Teri, David, Web, and Mia

New Online Store

Our new online store is here, just in time for the holidays. This site is still a work in progress, but take a look at some of the wonderful gift ideas we’ve highlighted. Delivered direct from Santa’s workshop to you.
On View
Dona Dalton
“Bird Caught Fish” – 6” tall
Carved pine and poplar, enamel house paints, metallic paints, and powders.
Dona Dalton
“Fawn” – 7″ long
Carved pine and poplar, enamel house paints, metallic paints, and powders.
“I create things inspired from a love of animals and spirituality about the beauty and
complexity in the world around us.”
“I’m aware of how magical it is to get lost in imagination and play and since narrative is something I love, my intention is to imply there is a special interaction
and relationship going on.”
-Dona Dalton-
Dona Dalton has ben making toys since the mid 70’s. At first they were simple and meant for children, but Dalton was always interested in animals and in telling a story. Fairy tales, classical literature, and even Egyptian cosmology serve as inspiration for her whimsical and playful characters.
Her process is fairly direct. Dalton cuts and carves wood on a bandsaw, then uses a sander and rotary tools for further refinement, followed by lots of hand sanding. Paint is then applied, most often latex enamel, acrylic, metallic paints and powders, and occasionally metallic leaf.
Dalton is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) where she majored in sculpture. She has been a participant of the Philadelphia Craft Shows, the American Craft Council Shows, and has shown extensively throughout the country. Her popular seasonal exhibit will on display at Gravers Lane Gallery through December.

Featured Artist

Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz
“Cosmic Series”
Knotted monofilament, linen, gold leaf
54″H x 62″ x18″
Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz (born 1928) says her fiber work “comes from the hand,” referring to her childhood and artistic career. Her mother was an avid embroiderer and her father a master carver and instructor of fine woodworking. Bobrowicz studied with two of the most important and forward-thinking artists in her field: Marianne Strengell (1909–1998) at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, and Anni Albers (1899–1994) at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art.
Nationally recognized for her contributions to the field of fiber art, Bobrowicz has been awarded commissions from Louis Kahn, the iconic architect, for the Kimball Museum in Texas, as well as from big corporate collections such as RCA and DuPont. In 1996 she received the Pew Fellowship in the Arts and in 1997 the Leeway Foundation’s Bessie Berman Award. Bobrowicz has also inspired future generations as professor of textiles and weavings at Philadelphia’s Drexel University from 1966 until she retired in 1997.
Bobrowicz feels “the constant motion, change, and growth in the universe.” She integrates these sensations into her sculptural, fiber-based works. By blending natural materials with synthetic materials, Bobrowicz plays with the idea of opposites such as dark versus light and order versus randomness. She uses clear monofilament because she feels strongly that “It is a fiber of our age, reflecting it in so many ways. It illuminates, vibrates, pulsates, expressing motion, a translucent, celestial energy field.”

New Arrival

Joan Dryer
“Zodiac” (Set of 12)
Couching on linen and cotton.
27″H x 36″ x 2″
The simple use of a few lines arranged a certain way become a symbol – an elegant way of conveying an idea in a concentrated form. Historically, the 12 divisions of the ecliptic path of the Sun across the celestial sphere are called the zodiac. Early symbols for the zodiac can be traced to ancient Egypt, Babylonia and Sumer. Astrology in some cultures uses the zodiac to emphasize time, operating on cycles of years, months, and hours in a day. Time is defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. The theme of “time” reoccurs in my work. It is a mystery. Time is not part of our physical world – we cannot experience it through our senses as our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch are rendered useless. These embroideries are my attempt to contemplate time, and to give form to something intangible.
-Joan Dryer-

Recently Sold

David Licata
Lamp-worked glass wall installation
Commission: private residence Chestnut Hill, PA
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