We’re a little late with our 2020 recap edition, but given the year we’ve all experienced together I’m sure you’ll forgive us.
Despite everything – forced closures, shipping delays, social distancing, economic turmoil – Gravers Lane Gallery managed to pull off a full calendar of exhibitions featuring incredible artists and showstopping work. We made major improvements to our website including our first online store, we added team members and capacity to present more shows and connect with clients new and old, we increased our email and social media presence to communicate from afar, and we continued to find those special pieces that exemplify the remarkable range and breadth of Craft Art in the modern world.
We look forward to another year of growth in 2021, hopefully with a little less turmoil in the wider world. Scroll down for a recap of our recent exhibitions, including virtual tours that you can “visit” in person anytime.
Best wishes from all of us at Gravers Lane Gallery,
Bruce, Barbara, Bo-in, Ryan, Teri, and David
“Une Exposition d’Arts Obessionels de la Fibre”
The exhibition is mounted salon-style, dazzling the gallery walls with works done by embroidery, weaving, knotting, stacking, layering, painted, twining, knitting, crocheting, and collaging comprised with an endless number of materials – fine, found, recycled, natural, and synthetic. In her review for the Philadelphia Inquirer, critic Edith Newhall writes, “Une Exposition d’Arts Obsessionels de la Fibre….is so energetically over-the-top, it made me smile.”
Rais explores kinship via nature and everyday objects in a welcome celebration of compatibility in a time of separation and isolation. Finely detailed textures and delicately balanced natural forms belie the underlying steel, bringing the outdoors in with inviting warmth.
“Landscapes and Still Lives”
John Mitchell’s recent paintings are poetic studies of familiarity. Sublimely beautiful and intimate in scale, Mitchell consciously chooses a reduced palette producing captured moments adrift in atmospheric splendor. Each painting speaks of a memory; that moment when one returns to a familiar place again and again. Each visit reveals a unique nuance, a visual marker revealing something new, abiding the natural urge to revisit… to go home again.
“I am Never Alone in My Garden”
“The garden has always been a source of inspiration and comfort. The garden has
also become an allegory for a place in our minds that is rich in imagination, wonder, beauty and privacy. Working together since we were 18, our minds blend as one and we like to say the work is created by the third person between us.”
Doug Herren is known for his brightly painted ceramic sculptures that artfully blend post-industrial monumentalism and dynamic, almost playful assemblages. With “Chroma-Structure”, Herren offers bold, non-apologetic monuments to classical forms and functional objects. Tables, amphora urns, stirrup pots, and elaborate architectural vases are assembled through wheel-thrown and slab-built stoneware components coated with layers of oil-based enamel paints.
“Politically Speaking”
Colleen Quinn’s provocative paintings of public figures speak to the turmoil and conflict of present day politics.
GLG Online Shop
Gravers Lane Gallery closed out the year with its annual holiday displays. Royal purple and gold accented the playful sculptures of Donna Dalton, the exquisite jewelry of Janine DiCrezenzo, and the fabulous fiber art that GLG is known for, among others. If you weren’t able to visit during the holidays, take a virtual tour, or visit our new online store to see a sample of the work.
In order to provide our guests with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable visit, we are offering private visits for individuals, families, or small groups of friends. In accordance with Pennsylvania COVID guidelines, no more than 6 names will be registered per group.
Learn more about our COVID19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS.
Located in the historic Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Gravers Lane Gallery represents the finest in Contemporary Crafts, Painting, and Sculpture. With an emphasis on Contemporary 2 & 3D Textile and Fiber Art, one-of-a-kind Jewelry, Studio Furniture, Ceramics, and Mixed Media Art, Gravers Lane remains one of the last galleries representing the spectrum of Studio Crafts in the United States.
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