FitGrid is back!
We are very excited to announce that DanceFit has started using FitGrid again! FitGrid is a tool that allows the instructors to engage with the clients through email and allows clients to review the classes they take.
Why is FitGrid awesome?

Review Classes
Some of you may have noticed emails from FitGrid already, asking you to review classes. Thank you to those who gave your feedback already! These reviews are important because we can use your feedback when we plan classes and edit the schedule. You will be able to give a number rating (out of 10) and leave comments about what you love or didn’t like. Don’t worry- we won’t clog up your inbox! You will only be asked to give reviews for each instructor every 3 months.

Connect to Instructors
The other awesome thing about FitGrid is that it gives the instructors the ability to send you emails directly. You may get an email thanking you for trying out a class for the first time, commending you for kicking butt in class on a particular day, or congratulating you on taking 50 classes with that instructor! You can respond, if you’d like, or send the instructor a question by replying to that email.

Coming soon….
FitGrid is adding new features! In the near future, you will start receiving the zoom links for online classes from them instead of IPStudio. Stay tuned- we will let you know when it switches over!
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