Fair trade is a way of life.
–                                      Milton Suranjit Ratna, The CORR Works
CORR: The Jute Works
Video credit: Fair Trade Connection
For 75 years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a network of partners. Together we work hard, weather storms, and share the fruits of success. For 47 of those years, CORR: The Jute Works (CJW) has been one of those key partners. In just 1 year, we’ve been reminded of the deep and abiding value and honor we find in meeting life’s challenges head on with trusted friends and colleagues.
We won’t deny that fair trade is a business, and we’re pretty proud of it. After all, it is financial transactions that provide the foundation for artisans to earn income, put food on the table, educate children, and access medical care.
But at the heart of the business is the mission.
By investing in partnerships with those who are traditionally excluded from the global economy, we take steps toward breaking the cycle of poverty. We have the honor of watching children grow into adulthood and seeing families thrive. We hear the voices of women and marginalized people are amplified. We watch and celebrate as artisans and their families build and recognize lives of dignity.
“Although the future is uncertain for all of us regarding this world-wide pandemic, we believe in cooperation and thus to survive in the long run. CJW will stand beside Ten Thousand Villages in solidarity and will share happiness and sorrows in comradeship.” – Bertha Gity Beroi, Director CJW
We’re honored that you are our partner in the maker-to-market movement and living life fair.
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