Showcasing an array of mediums from 6 local artists:

Woodlands Memories

Opening Reception Saturday February 4th, 6pm – 8pm

Amidst the Trees, Linda Garfield

Exhibit Open February 4th – February 25th

Our first group show of 2023!

Girl in the Garden 2, Amie Potsic

Featuring John A. Benigno, Michael Adams, Nancy Agati , Linda Dubin Garfield, Anne Leith, and Amie Potsic.

Woodlands LXXIIIJohn Benigno

Each artist contributed artwork inspired by memories of woodland adventures from their formative childhood years.

Autumn Pallet, Michael Adams

Monoliti, Nancy Agati

“I was very fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood surrounded by woodlands – there was even a brook, which fed into a great marsh with reeds at least six foot tall, which ran through it…”

“…I’ve tried to capture that sense of adventure, wonderment, mystery, and make believe that boy imagined in those formative years.”

-John A. Benigno

Schuylkill River, Vallery Forge, Anne Leith