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Artists in this Exhibition:
Severo Antonelli
Ethel V. Ashton
Faye Swengel Badura
Ronald Bateman
Cecilia Beaux
Frank Bender
Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr.
Noah Buchanan
Arthur B. Carles
Larry Day
Gustave Doyen
Francis Martin Drexel
Samuel DuBois
Allan L. Edmunds
Grace Lydia Evans
Frank Galuszka
Albert Gold
William Newport Goodell
Helen Corson Hovenden
Humbert Howard
Betty W. Hubbard
Frances Tipton Hunter
The Concert, c. 1890, by Helen Corson Hovenden (Woodmere Art Museum: Gift of Amy and David Dufour, 2013)
Jerome Kaplan
Leon Karp
Eva Martino
Mitzi Melnicoff
Peter Milton
Alice Neel
Edith Neff
Violet Oakley
Jerry Pinkney
Salvatore Pinto
Robert Riggs
Anthony Rocco
Jessie Willcox Smith
Alice Kent Stoddard
Zoe Strauss
Todd Swimmer
Ellen Powell Tiberino
Martha Walter
Eva Watson-Schütze
Ida Waugh
Samuel Bell Waugh
Newell Convers (N. C.) Wyeth
Still Life, date unknown by Faye Swengel Badura (Woodmere Art Museum: Gift of the Estate of Patricia van Burgh Allison, 1998)
Artists in this Exhibition:
William Merritt Chase
Faye Swengel Badura
Mary G. L. Hood
Leon Kelly
Franklin Chenault Watkins
Spiral Form Series, #1, 2003 by Mary Judge (Woodmere Art Museum: Gift of the artist in memory of Gyo Obata, 2022)
Artists in this Exhibition:
William Daley
Charles Fahlen
James Havard
Mary Judge
Winifred Lutz
David Slovic
Stephen Talasnik
Youth and the Arts, 1910-1911 by Violet Oakley (Gift of the South Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross, 1963)
Violet Oakley (1874–1961) achieved international fame as the first woman artist to be awarded monumental and prestigious government commissions. In this mural series, The Building of the House of Wisdom, Oakley found her theme in Proverbs 9:1: “Wisdom hath buildeth her house.” Her grand allegory demonstrates how wisdom develops within the structure of the family through an embrace of literature, the visual and performing arts, modern science, ancient mythology, and the history of civilization.
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