Friends of the Wissahickon Hosts Virtual Valley Talk on the Lenape Nation of PA and the Rising Nation River Journey – 5/10


PHILADELPHIA – May 2, 2022 – Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) welcomes Adam DePaul, Tribal Council Member, Storykeeper, and Coordinator of the Rising Nation River Journey for the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania at a Virtual Valley Talk on Tuesday, May 10. DePaul will share a brief history of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and discuss the upcoming Rising Nation River Journey this summer.

The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania launched the Rising Nation River Journey in 2002, initially in response to increasing pollution in the Lenape Sipu—Delaware River—and to engage like-minded individuals and organizations such as FOW to join them in addressing the problem. The Nation invites them to sign a Treaty of Renewed Friendship that acknowledges the Lenape’s traditions and the Nation as stewards of their ancestral homeland. FOW was among the first signers and continues a close partnership with the Lenape Nation.

Today, the River Journey is meant to promote awareness that the Lenape people living in the Commonwealth are carrying on their ancestral traditions, culture, and spiritual beliefs, and that they are engaged in numerous projects to provide practical ways for all citizens to respect and protect the Lenape homeland for future generations.

Every four years, the public is invited to participate in the River Journey and DePaul will discuss plans for this year’s event.

“The Rising Nation River Journey down the Lenape Sipu is a joint effort to raise awareness, awaken the spirit, and bestow the past, environmentally, culturally and historically, to the future,” said DePaul.

The Valley Talk takes place from 6 – 7 p.m. Register here. A Zoom link will be provided to registrants before the event.