Houseplant Care and Propagation for Spring

Virtual Class

Eloise Gayer, Assistant Horticulturist, Chanticleer Garden

Winter is a tough time for houseplants as cold drafts, drying heat, and limited light conditions create stress indoors. In spring, these plants will begin to emerge from their dormant state – some care and attention at this stage is important to ensure a successful growing season. In this class, we will cover the cultural requirements for a variety of common houseplants, including light, humidity, pest control, soil and watering, with special attention paid to tricky winter care and the transition to an active growing season. We will also cover several methods of propagation for houseplants that are best conducted in the spring. Bring any unwell houseplants to class and ask for care advice at the end of class.

Thursday, March 11 | 10:00am – 11:00am

Members $10 | Non-Members $15

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