Thursday, April 4

Typical Sisters [$10]

“..a lithe jazz trio who quietly dropped their impressive eponymous debut album in 2016 on the Ears & Eyes label. Uhlmann’s tone evokes an admixture of Bill Frisell and John Scofield as loping grooves coolly collide low-key funk with flashes of rustic Americana. The trio came together in 2009, and playing in fits and starts since then, they’ve developed a rapport that parlays a modern jazz ethos as inviting and warm as any improvised music I experienced last year. Sommers and Carroll provide a deceptively simple foundation for Uhlmann, sculpting loose, airy rhythms that are at once crystal clear and marvelously elastic” – Chicago Reader

“strong abstract uniformity” – JazzTimes

“Guitarist Greg Uhlmann’s genre-bending Typical Sisters is an expressive album that celebrates spontaneity in all its guises with refreshing lyricism. Joining him are his longtime collaborators, the versatile bassist Clark Sommers and the elegantly understated drummer Matt Carroll. The consequence of their shared artistic vision and seven years of close cooperation are apparent in the intimate, clever synergy that marks the recording.” – Chicago Jazz Magazine