Hello to all of you!

I want to make you all aware that the new Flaco’s Dance Factory is officially open for business! 
Thanx to the teachers, Baba Bogan-El (African), Kandy (Afro-Beat), Ivori (Zumba), and Patty (Salsa) for your awesome demo classes and help beyond.
OUR CLASS SCHEDULE STARTS TODAY with your first chance to learn Basic Salsa, and  then moves on through the week with our other classes. Our popular class from Chestnut Hill, Continuing Salsa (Salsa 2) will move to Jenkintown on this Saturday, Sept. 25 from 6 to 7 p.m., so for those of you who are affected by this change, please take note
For the full schedule of classes, and to enroll in the class of your choice instantly, follow the link attached here: http://daddances.com/flacos-dance-factory/. Enroll in any class, and get a free Dance Factory t-shirt, while supplies last!
Of course, you are permitted to walk in and enroll when you arrive for class, but advance enrollment helps us plan much better, and we spend more of our time dancing than doing other things. I’d rather be dancing with the time, and I’m sure you would be, too .
As we found out yesterday at the Jenkintown Arts festival, there is a thriving dance education community happening over here, and we were made to feel very welcome. Thanks to all of you who came by. Evan, Lollie, Keith, Dolores John, all of whom I saw at the studio, and to those who passed by the booth to show love.
We look forward to keeping you moving on the dance floor with at least one thing on our schedule! We are constantly interviewing teachers of different styles, so keep your eyes open for updates on the newest classes, socials, deals, discounts, etc. by checking your emails, and by following us on Facebook @Flaco’s Dance Factory.
If you haven’t been to the new spot yet, the floor is AWESOME! PERFECT for dancing!! You will love class in this room.
*Some classes posted on Eventbrite are not yet posted to the web site, but are open for enrollment. See them by scrolling down.
Hasta la Pista, baby…!