Date: Saturday, October 28
Title: Discovering Chestnut Hill: “The Italian Artisans Who Built Chestnut Hill” Walking Tour
Location: “Chestnut Hill”
Description: Presented by the Chestnut Hill Conservancy, the Discovering Chestnut Hill tour and lecture series celebrates our community’s special history.
Explore the rich heritage of Italian artisans who contributed to Chestnut Hill’s architectural landscape on a captivating walking tour. This walking tour will delve into the craftsmanship of Italian quarrymen and stone masons who left an indelible mark on Chestnut Hill’s historic buildings.

Discover the convergence of factors that led to these masterful structures and learn about the journey of skilled artisans from a small town in Italy to the thriving community of Chestnut Hill. Historian David Contosta will briefly overview this history before the walk begins. Your tour will be led by the Conservancy’s Archivist Alex Bartlett and by 4th-generation (in America) mason Joe Manero, who will share some little-known details about the stone buildings built by his family.

Photos and descriptions HERE