It’s our THIRD birthday! We are so grateful to have gotten this far and look forward to many more years to come. We’re celebrating our birthday with a Spirit Week (yes, spirit days, superlatives, and all) Mon. 11/30 – Sat. 12/5. Check out the costume days, superlatives, challenge, and sale below and join us for Saturday’s finale, a FREE Dancethon.


We’re doing a TRL themed free Dancethon (Remember MTV?) and doing all your favorite class song requests! Sign up on our OnLive schedule page now. Every instructor is teaching that day: Jasmine, Lauren, Jen, Maggie, Ryan, Rachel, our newest instructor, Hannah, and Bria so submit your favorite songs from class here:



While the event is FREE, we are fundraising for the studio and instructors. Tips can be made through paypal.me/dancefitchestnuthill or our Venmos:

Bria or DanceFit- @msbriamarie Hannah- @Hannah-Weiss-15 Jasmine- @ladybond003 Jen- @Jen-Mauser Lauren- @Lauren-McGinley77 Maggie- Please donate to DanceFit Morgan- Please donate to Calling All Crows Ryan- @heisRammy Rachel- @rbunti