Harry Potter Festival

The Shops & Restaurants of Hogsmeade


8600 Block

11:00                     The Amazing Jackson Magic Show at Top of the Hill Orthodontics

1:00                        Meet Mad Eye Moody                      Madame Monika’s Magical Emporium (8617)

All Day                  Harry Potter Art Gallery (8614)

All Day                  Harry’s Running for President      Domonic Maestro’s (8612)

All Day                  Shop at Quality Quidditch Supplies (8628) & Gladrags Wizard Wear (8623)


8500 Block

All Day                  Shop for gifts, apparel, potions, quidditch supplies, charms & peculiars at

Hogwart’s Emporium (8523); Magical Menagerie (8517); Greene Street MENagerie of MAGIC (8518); Newt Potions (8530); CREEVY & CROUCH (8532); Scribbles & Blotts (8521); Greenhouse at Hogwarts (8501); The Great Tailored Hall (8528); Quidditch Supplies (8506); and Isabella’s Amulet Shop (8511)

A Taste of Potions (8505).

Visit Gringotts Credit Union for gold coins (8500)

All Day:                               Haywagon Rides & Pumpkin Painting    Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch (East Evergreen)


8400 Block

All Day                  Shop for wands, cloaks, apparel, potion necklaces, bath bombs and more at

The Shrieking Shack (8442); Twilfitt &Tattings (8440); Professor McMonagall’s Center for Wizardry (8431); Fleur’s Fashionable Frocks (8437), Room of Requirement 2 (8419); Veela Villakula (8419), The Apothecary (8426);  The Witches Stitch (8432); Magic for Muggles Camp (8433); Room of Requirement 2 (8419); Slug & Jiggers Apothecary (8439); and Tugwood’s Beauty Potions (8430)

All Day                  Have your crystals read at The Philosopher’s Stone (8435)

All Day                  Glitter tattoos at The Dark Mark (8427) or face painting at Veela Villakula (8419)

All Day                  Make a Potter Button at Olivander’s (8425)

All Day                  Room of Requirement: photo booth, Hogwarts Acceptance Letters & more (8424)

12:15                     Hagrid’s Spelling Bee (kids 8 to 12) at Room of Requirement (8424)

12:00 & 3:00       Harpist at Honeyduke’s Sweetshop (8433)

All Day                  “Tales from the Ruins” Exhibit at Knockturn Alley (8405) & spell casting at Salem Spells (8434)


8300 Block

All Day                  Take an auror test or cast a spell at The Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement (8329)


8200 Block

All Day                  Visit 9 ¾ Platform for face painting, photos with Dumbledore, Lifesize Numbus 2000 & more

All Day                  Visit the Giant Owl in the Railview Hotel (8229)

All Day                  Go on a Scavenger Hunt at Sugarplum’s Sweetshop (8208)

All Day                  Shop for handmade blood soap at Hogwarts Castle (8219)

1:00 & 3:00          Take a potions class with Professor Milberbon (8232)


8100 Block

All Day                  Shop for jewels at Hepzibah’s Jewels (8138) or toys at Marsha’s Magical Menagerie (8127)

All Day                  Visit Professor Longbottom’s Garden (8125)

All Day                  Stop by and listen to a reading of The Prisoner of Azakaban at the Muggles Read-a-Thon (8130)

8000 Block

All Day                  Letter of acceptance & graduation certificates – Owl &Newt Printing Emporium

All Day                  Meet Nymphadora at Nymphadora’s Potables & Wearables (8020)

All Day                  Visit the Owl Emporium (8040)

7900 Block

All Day                  Enter the Chamber of Secrets for a plethora of activities: Sorting Hat, magic wands, hair lightning bolts, tarot cards, dark arts painting and top of the hour dance parties and more (7942)

7700 Block

All Day                 All Day       Enter the Selfie Contest at Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shoppe for a chance to win a Harry Potter Cake! (7725)

Food Locations in Hogsmeade

Your Best Stop for Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs, Treacle Tarts, Pumpkin Pasties and More…


8600 Block Germantown & Bethlehem Pike

McNally’s Tavern              Tavern on the Hill         Mica        Cosimo’s Pizza Café   PA General Store     

          Thai Kuu       Banjara Indian Bistro        Osaka         Primo Hoagies           Stella Sera


8500 Block Germantown & East Evergreen Avenue

                         Starbuck’s Coffee        Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop            Funnel Cakes      

                      Top of the Hill Market        Top of the Hill Café            Evergreen Cheese   


 8400 Block Germantown & East Highland Avenue

Iron Hill Brewery                Weavers Way Co-op                       Cauldron Cupcake Emporium

                Cake                             Zipf’s Candies                   Chill on the Hill Frozen Yogurt


8300 Block Germantown

Roller’s Express-o         Fiesta Pizza         Campbell’s Place        Amusement Park Food Stand    

8200 Block Germantown

     Chestnut Grill     King’s Garden     Fresh Market   Paris Bistro    Green Soul       El Poquito  

Market at the Fareway:  Poppy’s Café    Barry’s Buns      Ranck’s Deli    Made by Me   

                                    Shundeez Market    Tokyo Sushi      Chicko Tako        Nuts to You


8100 Block Germantown

            Roller’s Restaurant at Flying Fish              Bredenbeck’s Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor


8000 Block Germantown

                Baker Street Bread            Rebel                Venetian Club                          Lemonade Stand


7900 Block Germantown

Food Trucks:       Cow & Curd        Oink and Moo BBQ    Bonjour Creperie     

 Stella Jeanne’s Festival Foods

7800 Block Germantown

                Cin Cin Restaurant            Hokka Hokka                      McDonalds           Towey’s Tavern


7700 Block Germantown

Night Kitchen Bakery (Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shoppe)    

Food Trucks:  Zsa’s Ice Cream and Samosa Deb’s