Olympic Weightlifting Workshop

We are excited to have Mischa Jemionek come to Water and Rock Studio!

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals and advanced details of Olympic weightlifting. This workshops is for anyone of any age, fitness level, or skill.

Mischa is the owner of Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Center, Compete Athletics, LLC which is also the home of CrossFit Ironborough. Mischa is a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach. She is responsible for the Group and Competition Class programming, and has coached competitors at the CrossFit Regionals as well as various CrossFit competitions. Mischa has also worked with Villanova, Temple, and Princeton athletic teams and holds a B.S. in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and an MA is Education.

Date and time: Saturday, April 9th, 10-11am

Cost: $50

Contact us to register

mischa Jemionek