Valentine’s Day is Wednesday!
We have sweet cards and thoughtful gifts!
What we’re loving now:
  • The new dried floral bars in the shops right now! They’re going to get bigger and better, but I’m such a fan of bringing a little plant life (particularly plant life that is un-killable) into my home this time of year!
  • Squishy Valentine heart stuffies we have in the shops for Valentine’s Day. They’re fun for Valentines of all ages
  • We have these ridiculous candles in the shops that look exactly like fruit and they make me just so happy for reasons I can’t actually explain. I think you’ll love them, too!
  • Candles, candles, more candles – honestly lighting a nice candle is the first thing I do when I get into the office and then the first thing I do when I get home from work these short winter days. (My favorites right now are the Mt. Airy Candle x Occasionette Tobacco & Vanille and Paddywax’s Black Fig & Olive Vista candle – I love the double wick on this one!)
Extended Valentine Week Hours
Friday Feb 9: 10am – 7pm

Sunday Feb 11: 10am – 5pm
Monday Feb 12: 10am – 7pm
Tuesday Feb 13: 10am – 7pm
Wednesday Feb 14: 10am – 7pm

Sometimes Valentine’s Day gets a bad rep for being cheesy or overly commercial, but we just really love any excuse to surprise the ones you love with a little sometime to show them you’re thinking about them – a simple card, a bud vase with a few dried florals to keep on their desk, some truly delicious caramels… Just a winter treat. <3
See you soon!
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