The Bachelor, Laced Into Myth
Exhibition and Artist Talk : Fiber Artist Sasha Baskin // MYTHOS

Gravers Lane Gallery is pleased to announce Sasha Baskin’s first solo exhibition at GLG, MYTHOS. The exhibit will open with a reception and artist talk on Friday, May 24th 5-8pm at Gravers Lane Gallery, in Chestnut Hill and will close July 15th 2024.
Sasha is a fiber artist who uses intricate traditional weaving and lace making processes in combination with source imagery from reality television. This body of work puts the mathematically complex and ancient craft of bobbin lace weaving into a relevant contemporary context. Love in the age of reality TV; an anthropological look at our culture’s myths, unraveling with the pull of a thread.

Trained in classical drawing, Baskin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014. Transitioning to craft and studying weaving, natural dyes, and lacemaking processes, she received her Master of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018. In her work, Sasha explores how reality television dating shows like “The Bachelor” and “Love is Blind” function as modern mythological systems and create new gods and goddesses for this generation. This work involves deep research into pop culture and an examination of reality TV like a classical text. She weaves screenshots like chapters in a Hero’s Journey and overlays digital patterns and lace grids to create veiled goddesses out of reality television starlets. To study beauty, love, drama, and competition: to entertain and distract through drama? Each season is the Iliad and the Odyssey in high heels and hair extensions.

Reality television exists to remind us to feel comfortable in our own reality. If falling in love on TV is fake, my love is real. Hyperreality exists to make us feel comfortable in our own existence. This work seeks to question that comfort and how we engage with the reality television narratives which surround us. Through bobbin lace and woven images the pieces capture the immediacy of pop culture with the slow analog process of thread. The images themselves unravel. Slow down. Examine the simulation frame by frame.


Moving Tides: Honoring Animals and Jewelry Ethics
Exhibition and Artist Talk: Jeweler Seth Michael Carlson // MASS MIGRATIONS

Gravers Lane Gallery is pleased to announce Seth Michael Carlson’s first solo exhibition of jewelry at GLG, “MASS MIGRATIONS”. The exhibit will open with a reception and artist talk on Friday, May 24th 5-8pm at Gravers Lane Gallery, in Chestnut Hill and will close July 15th 2024.

MASS MIGRATIONS is an art jewelry exhibit that strives to capture the character of the fauna and flora that Seth encounters in the natural world –a celebration of its beauty. It is important to him that each piece is handcrafted using ethically sourced gold, silver, and gemstones. He sees every piece as a celebration of the natural world and believes that the materials he chooses should reflect the value of life that he seeks to convey. Seth believes in capturing the character of each life form through subtle expressive gestures. With a focus on environmental preservation, each piece is a snapshot in time to bring awareness and appreciation to the lesser known species.

Carlson uses only ethically sourced metals from reputable distributors and refineries in the United States. The metal is recycled and/or ethically sourced. Seth is a certified Fair Mined artisan which requires that he participate in an accountability program of the highest standards of human rights, and environmental preservation. Seth also uses recycled “Harmony” silver. He sources his gemstones from reputable vendors that are knowledgeable about the origins of their stones and takes every measure to ensure that rigorous environmental and human rights standards are