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Trees in the Designed Landscape:  Selecting, Planting, and Preserving

Jason Lubar

Associate Director of Urban Forestry, Morris Arboretum–ISA, BCMA

Trees are significant elements and the largest living component in your designs and your clients’ landscapes but there is so much more needed for a tree to thrive than just placing an icon on a plan.  These living organisms are resilient, but their landscape performance is largely dependent on your design and arboricultural understanding.  If your projects include existing or planned trees, understanding them can make the difference between a successful project and problem project.

This 2-hour course will expand your tree-related knowledge so you and your team can make critically informed decisions. Knowing how to create designs that not only allow trees to survive, but to truly thrive results in clients that are happy with their short- and long-term landscape performance. Myths about trees will be discussed and your questions will be answered.

Topics to be covered:

  • Trees are giant green pumps
  • the LA/arborist team, a powerful pair!
  • We can’t see what’s under our feet, but it really matters.
  • Nursery hunt for high-quality trees – your time (and your clients) well spent.
  • Tree-related specifications, yours are probably out-of-date
  • Planting, just follow 340 million years of evolution Simple, right? Nope!
  • Protecting existing trees from construction impacts – working with the project arborist.
    • Is a Limit of Disturbance (LOD) really an LOD?
  • Questions

This course carries 2 CEUs for ISA certified arborists (S=0.5, P=0.5, M=1) and LA CES credits for landscape architects.

Friday, February 26 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Fee:  $50