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Join us this week as we take a trip to New Orleans. We have all the good stuff, dirty rice, étouffée, crispy oysters and some “Cajun Caviar”(not actual caviar, more of a bean salad). This Wednesday 11/6 and Thursday 11/7

From New Orlean with Love…
On November the 6th and 7th, Menu $59

Cornmeal Crusted Oysters
with Cajun caviar and buttermilk

Royal Red Shrimp Étouffée
with crispy rice, red roux and burnt scallion

Charcoal Roasted Whole Quail
stuffed with dirty rice and red eye gravy

Spiced Beignets
with powdered chocolate

Join us next week, as we head up to Maine for some lobstah and shellfish

Mica Fall a la Carte 2019


Duck Fat Madeline’s with smoked yogurt

Crispy Savory Donuts with dried fall mushroom and raclette

Fried Broccoli with black cheddar and nori

Crab Beignets with old bay mustard

Chilled East Coast Oysters with shiitake mignonette

Grilled Foie Gras with Swiss chard and sourdough


Spanish Octopus with potatoes and paprika

A Waldorf Salad of gem lettuce

Crispy Saffron Rice with marinated mussels

A Red Salad of Beets with pumpkin seeds and avocado

Charcoal roasted eggplant with bonito butter and basil

Raw Albacore tuna with smoked jalapeño and peanut

Celery root soup with raw apples and hazelnut

Fresh spaghetti with dried shrimp and garlic butter

Braised Beef Ravioli with melted shallot and goat butter


Pot roasted cauliflower with burgundy truffles

Roast chicken with potato and wild mushrooms

Crispy Salmon with rutabaga and lime

Lightly Steamed Swordfish with a winter shellfish curry

Grilled Hanger Steak with Brussels sprouts and taleggio

Heritage Pork with cabbage, juniper and barley


Our Carrot Cake with vanilla cream and hazelnut

Dark Chocolate Torte with sour cherry and pistachio

Spiced Churro with chocolate sauce

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