Please join Gravers Lane Gallery in welcoming two young exciting studio craft artists with their debut solo exhibitions:
Seth Michael Carlson’s remarkable installation of nearly 200 fabricated, chased, cast animal and animal related themed brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, small objects and remarkably constructed and designed  sterling holloware animal vessels. Mass Migration is without question, an homage to Louis C. Tiffany’s vision of producing the finest objects and body adornment celebrating nature, its beauty, complexity and fragility.
Sasha Baskin has embraced an old tradition, turning it on to its side. She works with a traditional bobbin lace making technique, something that conjures up great aunts head protectors for the furniture or one’s grandmother’s dining table covers. This is definitely not the case with Sasha’s work. Appropriating images for reality television programs, such as the bachelor, Baskin builds a hyperrealistic notion of what we believe to be and represents true love. Popular culture’s idea of what the faces of  modern idealistic true love is imagined to look like, therefore it must be true, when in fact reality is a fabrication, a myth.
Please join us and meet the artists:  If you are able to attend, we’d appreciate an email or call with confirmation. You can contact us at 215-247-1603 or a quick email to or
Looking forward to your visit.
Bruce Hoffman
Ex. Artistic Director
Gravers Lane Gallery

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