bali to bala




  The legendary tradition of Ladies Night lives on!

Thursday Night, November 12, 2015 at 7PM

From Bali to Bala is 19 years old this year, a year older than my son Daniel!  With this realization, I really want to thank all my loves who have helped me raise the show through its adolescence from its infant state (remember the show started in my living room).  It was there I started Ladies Night – to honor the AMAZING group of women in my life whom I want to thank for all their support and I dedicate this night of my show to all my “Ibu Ibu.”  We’ll gather after hours, in a private, party-like, and possibly drunken night of shopping and feasting on an Indonesian dinner. I promise a great time, not to mention meeting other incredible women! If you want to invite a lady or two, – please do, just let me know who is coming so I order enough delicious dinner! Check out the From Bali to Bala Facebook page and website for the other special events happening during the show. Bring a bottle, bring a friend, and come celebrate our 19th birthday!!!     

      BYOB  &  RSVP  to help me  plan  for  dinner – 610-529-2083

           Terima Kasih  and  Thanks! – Love, Laura