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Jamaica is an Island full of history, heritage and people from all parts of the world. With an island having so much world influence its no wonder the cuisine is so unique. Boasting influence from Spain, England, India, Africa and France it is easy to become fascinated with their culture. Driven by this fascination we have created a menu celebrating the cuisine of Jamaica. Join us this Wednesday and Thursday as we celebrate the cuisine of this wonderful island with our

“From Jamaica with Love”
September 18th and 19th Menu $55

 Saltfish Fritter
with achee and pickled pineapple

with red snapper, fermented chili and coconut bammy

“Jerk Chicken”
with heirloom red beans and rice

“Curry Goat”
Erdenheim Farm Lamb with heirloom pumpkin and peach vinegar

“Charcoal Roasted Banana”
with caramelized white chocolate and rum

Join us next week for “From the Hudson Valley with Love”


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